Flax Seed Oil & The Benefits of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids

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Flax seeds have enormous health benefits, and are a great source of plant-based omega-3 essential fatty acids. They provide a good alternative to salmon and …
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http://1bestbody.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-eat-flax-seeds-for-weight-loss.html how to eat flax seeds for weight loss We realize by now in which restricting…

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26 Responses to “Flax Seed Oil & The Benefits of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids”

  1. Achilles Heel writes:

    Flaxseed is quite some superfood from Mother Nature’s recipe.
    Thank you so much for this clip. That being said, i missed in this clip
    the benefits of using flaxseed in grounded form.

  2. Vanessa Jackson writes:

    Use it in my oatmeal everyday!

  3. Tj Guidry writes:

    u so smart i love this video~!!!

  4. tfordlock writes:

    boil the seeds drink the water if to thick try diluting it with juices or
    tea it works great.

  5. Waseem Khan writes:

    thanks for your tips on Flex oil – i do my best to find flex oil.

  6. chamath jayawardane writes:

    If you have been trying to burn fat fast, you should look up on google
    Atomic Fat Loss. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  7. The "Try It" Queen writes:

    Very informative Dr. Mendez! Thank You.

  8. YakMan NC writes:

    Can you take flaxseed and fish oil omega 3 together?

  9. Barbara Mendez writes:

    Hi Farah~ unfortunately, I can’t recommend supplements for someone I am not
    working with, But I would suggest you find a holistic nutritionist in your
    area to work with b/c diet is the first best thing you can do for your son.
    I have seen big improvements with the elimination of certain foods, but
    being guided by someone who can help you through the process is your best
    bet~Wishing you well!

  10. farah soliman writes:

    Hi thank you very much for your super videos.. I have a non verbal autistic
    2 yr old son.. Which supplements do you recommend I give him ? Thanks

  11. Evgen Shepitov writes:

    Hi! I’m Alex.I did -45 lbs last 1 month.More here hddiet.gs#Gr6C

  12. Barbara Mendez writes:

    Thank you for your comment!

  13. Barbara Mendez writes:

    Terrific! Glad it makes you feel great!

  14. valnaples writes:

    Oh, I like your video here…I prefer ground flax seeds because: fiber! But
    nice that you laid out all the differences. My hot flashes have really
    abated I think due to including ground flax in my diet. (I buy the seeds
    whole and then grind them up every 2 or 3 days). Will go look at your other

  15. Rick Kenn writes:

    yes you can take flax seed with fish oil which was recommended by Dr Aaron
    Katz of columbia university who is an holistic urologist whose expertise is
    non invasive surgery for canver specifically cancer. you all shoukd check
    out the Budwig diet which helped my cancer disappear. Flax seed oil is a
    lifesaver i mix minr with cottage cheese to make it water soluble

  16. Truong Anney writes:

    If I take this flax oil is it still ok for me to take biotin as well

  17. Rick Kenn writes:

    Hello Barbara I see you know your stuff which is a rarity for a pharmacist.
    When I told my MD I was going to a HOLISTIC Dr she gave me that voodoo
    look. Now she asks me about diet and nutrition. Just to keep it short I
    have been giving my kids flax seed oil smoothies for the last three years
    and guess whose kids have not been sick for the last three years. this
    voodoo stuff works great I shoukd try it on my mother-in-law

  18. Barbara Mendez writes:

    I know of no interactions between flax and biotin, but as with all
    supplements and/or medicine’s you should discuss it with your doctor or

  19. JOMY M writes:

    Good video. Is it good for allergies?

  20. Barbara Mendez writes:

    So glad to know you enjoyed it! Yes, the Omega in Flax converts to a bit of
    DHA but not a very substantial amount. To get more from a plant based
    source, you would want to get it in a supplement form from Algae~ Hope this

  21. Rick Kenn writes:


  22. TheProdigyBro writes:

    This is just awesome! Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I knew
    Flax seed oil had good benefits, but I wanted to know more. Thanks again. I
    was also wondering if there is also a plant source that has DHA omega 3
    fatty acid that support brain health…like I always see it on my SILK
    brand soymilk, but I’m not sure if it’s from flax seeds, seaweed or algea…

  23. Barbara Mendez writes:

    I love the ground seeds too! I use them in the raw granola recipe I make as
    well as in my morning “green supplement drink” that has a load of other
    great nutrients and gets me going for the day! Thanks for your feedback!

  24. Barbara Mendez writes:

    Thanks Lisa! I am so glad to know that it was helpful!

  25. YourNameOnMy writes:

    Flaxseed is great, where do you buy yours? I usually buy mine at iherb.com
    just use coupon code CEB988 to save $5 on first purchase. Cheapest place I
    found so far.

  26. 1bestbody writes:

    how to eat flax seeds for weight loss

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