Flat Stomach Diet Plan: Health Benefits of Green Tea to Lose Weight

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23 Responses to “Flat Stomach Diet Plan: Health Benefits of Green Tea to Lose Weight”

  1. Montre Bible writes:

    its all I drink it all day at work and I have noticed some benefits in my
    body. It works for HSV too. 

  2. Jarrod Varischetti writes:

    awsome cid :), when should i drink green tea before a meal or after? :)

  3. twillight5 writes:

    I bought some green tea with some vanilla flavour and this is absolutly
    delicious im drinking it every morning!

  4. Amnah Farhana writes:

    I really hate the taste of plain green tea at first, but I continue to
    drink it on daily basis and now I’m used to the taste. Just think of it as
    a favour to your body 

  5. alicia moreno writes:

    I have been drinking green tea for two weeks my stomach is nice and flat i
    make so happy to drink green tea tea (:

  6. jasmine lewis writes:

    instead of sugar in the tea should I use honey?

  7. Jessica Lynn writes:

    im already a green tea drinker and i love it,plus i did have atleast 1-2
    cups of green tea today

  8. mumtaz murad writes:

    thanz i heard a lot abt green tea so i’ll start 4rm 2morrow n c da change n
    will inform u after a wk c u later bye

  9. Kevin Boyles writes:

    I am a dude, will this also help me lose weight?

  10. frizzlemefloral writes:

    I had a cup of green tea this morning 🙂

  11. Nitish Raj writes:

    even 10000 more videos about green tea cant matches this explanation and
    information. Thank you so much.

  12. TyraNeche writes:

    That was more informative than many other videos. Most just say “drink
    green tea, its has good shit in it, so its good for you, le fin” Thank you
    for this.

  13. lisilulu1 writes:

    What about decaf green tea?

  14. lisilulu1 writes:

    What about decaf green tea? Is it still as beneficial as regular green tea?
    Love your videos btw 🙂

  15. WomensAbWorkout writes:

    Drinking green tea is helpful to jumpstart the weight loss process, but to
    really see results make sure you combine it with a clean diet and exercise.
    ~Melissa 🙂

  16. Ken Lal writes:

    Hi there! Thanks for the great info about green tea. I’ve just started
    drinking green tea & am just getting used to drinking it and getting used
    to the taste. I’m basically trying to lose some belly fat around my waist,
    somewhat like the spare tire around my waist. I’ve never seen my abs before
    but just hope that by drinking green tea a few times a day will help me.

  17. Sahar Nadeem writes:

    i love green tea to bits and i drink around 1 litre ans i don’t even know
    if that is good or bad but i love it!!!

  18. steve roberts writes:

    Hi there , I really cannot stand the taste of plain green tea, I looked and
    managed to find a green tea that is bagged and has natural peach flavor, as
    far the information on the box it seems like it is all natural. I have a
    half gallon water container, I fill it up and put three bags in it , leave
    it in the fridge over the night, and drink it all during the day. So will
    get the benefits of green tea this way ?

  19. Yosra Ryan writes:

    Lov green tea

  20. Cierra Jefferson writes:

    Is the brand at Walmart a good brand to drink? Also is it ok if I add sugar?

  21. WomensAbWorkout writes:

    I often drink the decaf green tea at night so I’m not up for hours and it
    has the same benefits as regular green tea — so drink up!

  22. WomensAbWorkout writes:

    Thanks so much! I’m glad you found it helpful!

  23. lisilulu1 writes:

    Thanks for the reply Melissa!! 🙂

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