Fat Loss Workout Plans for Beginners – Workout Routines for Weight Loss

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36 Responses to “Fat Loss Workout Plans for Beginners – Workout Routines for Weight Loss”

  1. Sammy Rodriguez writes:

    hey my friend i just started to do this workout,i know you know what you
    are doing,please help me,im 31 im 5’6 its been hard to lose these
    pounds,been reaaly lazy,i am 212 pounds,i want to lose,please show me what
    workouts to do,i will commit myself

  2. InsaneFatLossGuy writes:

    Could not say it better 🙂

  3. InsaneFatLossGuy writes:

    Do them on the knees, if you cant do push ups from any other reason,
    consult your physician

  4. jenny terces writes:

    brian has awful legs you should get a tan

  5. InsaneFatLossGuy writes:

    It depends how hard your workout is going to be, but I am very happy with
    plain water 🙂

  6. Michael Douglas writes:

    hey man the only thing that matters is he is working out. Just getting up
    and doing something is the first step

  7. InsaneFatLossGuy writes:

    Look, just do this 3 times per week and eat foods with low glycemic index.
    After you get some results, you will be able to add some foods from medium
    glycemic index… your goal would be still eat most of your foods from the
    low GI list and use medium GI foods sparringly

  8. Lord Odium writes:

    hey great vid i started working out not so long ago too but i was wondering
    if u had any advise as far as work out drinks and if u ever even used
    any… any advice would be great…thanks

  9. tayyabno10 writes:

    What if you can’t do push ups

  10. InsaneFatLossGuy writes:

    It does not matter if he has awful legs, at least he does something for his
    body. The tan will be the last thing he needs 🙂 But then he will look
    really hot. Keep working out!

  11. Azran Arif Mazlan writes:

    Hello Mike Cheng, I would like to ask you question. How many days should I
    do this workouts for beginner. I want to loss weight because my parents are
    afraid if I died obesity. Not too fat. But I need to loss weight before
    this August. Please reply. Need your help.

  12. Jennifer Lewitz writes:

    Hi! Very inspiring and informative! I was looking for this “Cleopatras
    9oood Hourglass Figure”. I am so skinny and I feel not confident with my
    body. I want the curve! They say this Cleopatra technique is especially
    made for women to have the perfect body based on their current body
    proportions.. I want to learn it!!

  13. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi San, you don’t need dumbbells. Make do with milk bottles at home and
    fill them up with soil or stones as your dumbbells. You can also check out
    my 90-day weight loss challenge to a new you and you can get the full
    workout plan and meal plan from my website. Welcome on board and all the
    best! xx

  14. lakshmi sunaina writes:

    Hi San here,I just gotta see ur video it is pretty cool !! I do not have
    dumbbells so i’m planning to do the 5 days workout plan ,is it is fine to

  15. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi Emily, all workout videos are available on my channel. We are currently
    doing the 90-Day weight loss challenge. Perhaps you want to join us on
    that? You can watch the video on my channel, and you can get the full
    workout plan and meal plan from my website. All the best! =)

  16. Tim Gill writes:

    You are pretty. Are you single?

  17. Emily Munoz writes:

    Joanna can you let me know which workout do I have to do in the 5 day
    workout plan. Im starting tomorrow monday.

  18. Emily Munoz writes:

    HI there.. I just wanned to ask you cus Im a little bit confuse here.. I
    wanna start tomorrow but dont know exactly which workouts to do can you
    please let me know?..thanks

  19. Joanna Soh writes:

    Thanks for explaining. That has a lot to do with genetics. Some people have
    short muscles and some have long muscles. Have you tried yoga or pilates?
    The stretching movements in yoga / pilates classes actually help to
    elongate your muscles and make them to slimmer (of course we can’t change
    the genetics of our muscles). I would suggest do lots of stretching daily.

  20. WanderLove writes:

    You replied to my earlier comment about bulking up due to fat. The truth is
    I’m in intense soccer training as a sweeper so its not hard to bulk up. And
    I have no access fat on my body. I’ve spoken to my doctor and he says its
    pure muscle. The problem is the muscle tissue I have isn’t the kind that is
    gained though endurance training. So I want to slim down my muscle because
    I’ve seen body builders do it. I just don’t know how.

  21. Joanna Soh writes:

    All the best Celene. I’ve also got a ’90-day weight loss challenge’ which
    you might be interested in. I’ve added all workout and food plans to guide
    you all through. Do check that out. =)

  22. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi WanderLove, generally, it’s not easy to pack on muscles unless you do
    really intense training for competitions etc. It’s usually excess fat that
    causes us to look bulky, so I would say total body workouts are always the
    best to burn fat. Perhaps you can start with my new video ‘Beginner Fat
    Burning workout’. That might help you. =)

  23. blessingso7 writes:

    Great job! love the advise! keep up the good work!

  24. Princessnugrowth writes:

    im soo excited starting monday

  25. WanderLove writes:

    How do you slim down muscle?

  26. Joanna Soh writes:

    Of course! Start doing total body exercises and start a healthy meal plan.

  27. getfitgirls writes:

    Will this get rid of my belly arm and leg fat

  28. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi Kristina,start by watching your food intake,that’s 80% to your
    success.You have to be willing to change your diet,eat clean,
    healthy&within what your body needs.Please watch my “Meal
    Plans,Food&Nutrition” playlist to help you out. The other 20% is
    exercise,if you want quick result, exercise 5 times per week for
    45-60mins.I’ve got a “August Full Workout Plan” on my website which you can
    start with. Plus I’m lining up an exciting challenge for you guys in
    October which will help you! =)

  29. kristina sy writes:

    hi ms joanna. i get interested with your videos so it inspired me to make
    change on me, i find it hard to determine on what program or workout to
    work on. can you help me? i’ve got a big arm a big tummy and a big legs. =(

  30. dbenitez33 writes:

    Great video! These are things everyone should kno but it’s so hard to find
    one solid video with all the right information. Love it 🙂 subscribed!
    Great vid 🙂

  31. Hanna Ho writes:

    Great plan! Followinggggg~

  32. Margaret Hardaway writes:

    glad i found you cant wait to start five day plan

  33. Joanna Soh writes:

    Am Malaysian residing in the UK. =D

  34. blabla writes:

    Where u from, gd video

  35. Joanna Soh writes:

    Great! Checkout my ‘Workout With Me’ Playlist on my channel. You can also
    go to my facebook page as I’ve posted up a Full Workout Plan there. All the
    best! =)

  36. Fatima Khan writes:

    Hey Joanna i cannot find the videos. kindly help me. 🙂 I really want to
    loose weight.

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