FAT LOSS & Bodybuilding Secrets – BURN YOUR Belly Fat! Bodybuilder Muscles

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25 Responses to “FAT LOSS & Bodybuilding Secrets – BURN YOUR Belly Fat! Bodybuilder Muscles”

  1. fatlosslifestyle writes:

    Thanks for all of my fans that have voted a thumbs up on this video.

  2. fatlosslifestyle writes:

    You  can eat like a bodybuilder!!

  3. fatlosslifestyle writes:

    I m drug free for life. You can do it too!!
    Your Coach,


  4. fatlosslifestyle writes:

    No drugs, simply 24 years of eating and training smart!

    Your Coach,

    darin steen

  5. MuscleMassMan writes:

    learn more @ modernanabolics dott kom

  6. CUNNY121 writes:

    roid boi

  7. MORDEKAIZ writes:

    ahahahahhaah LMAO!!!

  8. calin marincus writes:

    ok.i will try

  9. Repenpast writes:

    It’s all about making muscle with working out and well cooked meals.

  10. jamima222 writes:

    Im losing weight and this video helped me understand a lot! thanks bro

  11. Goetia writes:

    15 to 20 minutes blending?

  12. vince perez writes:

    hey in the morning i just eat 3 banana intell lunch…. is that good??? i dont got protein shakes

  13. Jay Blac writes:

    dude is their a fat loss suppliment that wokrs of u kno iof?>

  14. rneoman writes:

    adding whey protein to milk forms anothe protein called caesin which is a slow absorbing protein best take whey with water after workout, maybe mix with skimmed milk before bed 

  15. rneoman writes:

    no, afterwards

  16. christlicker writes:

    Whey protein is great for building muscle. But it’s best used with some form of anabolic steroid as our friend Darin here already knows! 🙂

  17. 3X0T1CK1LL3R writes:

    ummmmm dude ur muscles look hungry

  18. ARMYJURAD19 writes:

    thanks for the good advice!

  19. matjaž Kolar writes:

    hey id liek to assk something… what u eat before training… and what u eat if u dont use proteins and nutritions. id like to get musles out whit food. what food is great for before training and after training??. tnx a lot

  20. extremejay97 writes:

    you look like john cena

  21. indianbengal writes:

    hahhaha hes on steroids do it the natural way just by working out without drugs or protein shakes or the other stuff hes dumb

  22. Josh Kurikeshu writes:

    mark walberg?

  23. MrPlummer writes:


  24. 23ExtremeFlippers writes:

    This guy is big but he talks to much don’t talk just show

  25. CollegeTakeTwo writes:

    Actually pretty legit advice

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