Extreme Weight Loss – Jami ( Season 3 / Episode 5)

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Extreme Weight Loss – Jami ( Season 3 / Episode 5) 28-year-old Jami from Philadelphia was adopted from Chile at the age of two. She struggles with self-esteem and tips the scales at 292 pounds….

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14 Responses to “Extreme Weight Loss – Jami ( Season 3 / Episode 5)”

  1. Jasmine Leonard writes:

    Her adoptive mother is a royal cunt.

  2. Sherita Rita writes:

    This is my favorite episode and I cry every single time I watch it. Her
    transformation is awesome!

  3. Noha Haggag writes:

    This episode surpasses being emotional. It’s about inner cleansing. Being
    whole, healing deep wounds in a shredded soul. It touched me personally.I
    loved everything about it.

  4. isabelle rakusan writes:

    She always says she failed, that’s ruins everything for her! If you say you
    fail then u will most likely fail!!!

  5. Mascha Gazizov writes:

    OMG! Such a beautiful girl! Thank you that you might witness the process of
    the transformation – real transformation! I even don’t want to think what
    would have happened if Chris would not have come that day?
    And her adoptive mom – she is okay. She loves her Jami and this is the most
    important thing. Yes, her mom is not ideal… But who is it?

  6. Brie E writes:

    I cried like 7 times watching this episode… wow… powerful. 

  7. Lose2Love writes:

    I have nearly watched all of these seasons & this is my favourite story and

    I love Jami. Her adoptive mom does not deserve her, I wish someone else who
    really wanted her as a child adopted her…
    Her adoptive mom told Jami that she only adopted her so that she would have
    someone to take care of her when she got old…. Jami deserves more than

    OMG I cried so hard when Jami met her real mom, you could tell her mom
    loved her so so so much.I hope they can both keep contact & see each other
    more! You can see so much love there, it’s like Jami belongs with her mom
    and sister… I hope they can continue to form that relationship.
    It reminds me so much of my family in law that live in Cuba… They have so
    little (even more so than Jami’s mom & sister) But they live such
    fulfilling & happy lives. It’s crazy how much we take for granted living in
    the first world where we have so much.

    Jami’s mom made the best decision for her, I just wish she had a more
    loving and selfless adoptive mom who loved her like Jami’s real mom did.

    side note: Jami is so beautiful !! From the start and at the end, she is
    beautiful inside and out.I am so glad she got the help she needed
    emotionally from Chris, if Jami had followed through with her plan of
    taking those pills…. the world would of missed out on such an amazing
    person. She is so inspiring, I related so much to her. She is such a strong
    & beautiful woman.

  8. AnnaVonCleves90 writes:

    Such a big inspiration! Jami you are so beautiful and awesome! ❤️

  9. SpaceCatize writes:

    You alrealdy knew he is going to choose her, but oh my, when he danced
    across the room and TOLD her, I was just so happy and started to cry,
    like, big time. She is such a lovely person and I hope she is okay and
    everything :))))

  10. Mascha Gazizov writes:

    And yes! Chris is my personal hero – so real, so strong, with a huge
    I wish there would be an online program for people like me. I would love to
    do this transformation program on my own.

  11. Skyler Trust writes:

    What an awesome transformation! Does anyone know the name of the song that
    starts at 1:02:30?

  12. Brenda Waible writes:

    LYou aalappost lol alleles

  13. ThatBadBitch writes:

    This is why I will never adopt

  14. Jeremy Naegle writes:

    great vid check mine plz!

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