Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 3 Episode 10 Mike

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Extreme Weight Loss Methods As you go about your goal to shed weight quickly, you might look into some of the extreme weight loss methods that some people us…
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25 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 3 Episode 10 Mike”

  1. FuzzleLand writes:

    I really can’t stand when they have these unsupportive wives. Oh no, my
    husband was chosen for a once in a lifetime chance and is dedicating a year
    of his life to NOT DYING and all I can do is whine and complain that it’s
    so hard on “ME ME ME ME ME”.

  2. Acerzeon writes:

    3 miles is like.. 5km? 

  3. Kimmehface writes:

    also, bromance moments at the end got me all emotional haha

  4. minddisturb writes:

    wife seems not to happy from the beginning. just my thought…

  5. AmaneeChaan writes:

    I still cannot believe he lost over 40 pounds with 2 broken ribs, that is
    one tough man.

  6. Kimmehface writes:

    Chris is sooo right! I have no excuse to eat crappy and not work out when
    this guy has a family to take care of and a business. He inspired me! And
    his family is so amazing and supportive.

  7. MsJesse Sigh writes:

    Probably the best episode ive watched.. they say its harder to lose weight
    when u’re older but he proved it wrong, beyond amazing =) 

  8. Rebecca Koch writes:

    This is my favorite episode and the best transformation I’ve seen!

  9. MellyElle21 writes:

    chris is so proud :)

  10. shiningwhitedragon writes:

    what an awesome guy, he really deserved this.

  11. Masychefx2 writes:

    they dont get to keep the gym equipment after the year is over which sucks.

  12. Timie Yu writes:

    This episode makes me want to gain weight just for the purpose of meeting

  13. Jolie Glassman writes:


  14. Siti Aqilah writes:

    This is my favourite episode! Totally inspired me!!

  15. Alina868 writes:

    I’m so proud of him, such a great human being! 

  16. William Wallis writes:

    10% body fat… welcome back Mike, the lean machine :))))))))))))))))

  17. Cindy Serfontein writes:

    Thank you so much for the upload

  18. Jack Olson writes:

    It’s funny because I know them

  19. William Wallis writes:

    This should be a good one. As an X body builder myself, it will be
    interesting to see, how much drive and determination, Mike still has.
    Positive attitude, nothing wrong there. When Mike walked in that gym, it
    must have bought back great memories 🙂
    Unlike most reality shows, this show, is a life saving show, with some
    great incentives, and, it is all down to the individual. I can understand
    Chris not going home with Mike, but, it is nice to have that support just
    to kick start one back into the process. It is a very intensive programme,
    to save a persons life, for 1 year, of course, kids do not fully
    understand, it must be, a huge strain on the family.
    I can see. 50 lbs in 45 days, that’s very good going. That is a most
    beautiful fathers day card, Aden wrote it himself :))) The initial weight
    loss is huge, now in faze two, weight loss is much harder, looking at all
    that food for “Jewish week” not a good idea. Excellent result faze 2, 58
    lbs loss, 12 rounds with Evander Holyfield, what an opportunity, obviously
    not a knock brains out mach, but to go the distance, takes huge energy.
    Absolutely outstanding, at 49 to go 12 rounds, extraordinary fete.
    When they walked in that restaurant on the ship, Nancy said, “not any more,
    not any more” amazing lady, good for her 🙂 All the fun they had on that
    cruise, very loving couple 😉 Faze 3, the toughest part, it’s always that
    last hurdle that’s the toughest, go Mike go. OMG, broken ribs, VERY
    painful, I am home now with broken ribs, doing anything is painful. Amazing
    how mike can work out, Mike, you are a juggernaut, indestructible, super
    human. Amazing achievement, 197 lbs, you are fitter than kids half your
    age, and to finish with 2 broken ribs, respect to you. Mike, you are one
    extraordinary man, and, Nancy and family, you are too, behind Mike all the

  20. Jack Olson writes:

    His brother was my soccer coach

  21. jobs tiktak writes:

    If you are looking to lose fat quickly, you should do a google search Exyph
    Fat Loss. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  22. Sick writes:

    Yeah it’s like they are filming them every second even in their apartment 

  23. Esme Najar writes:

    This guy is strong

  24. Emma Dilemma writes:

    “and oddly comfortable” lol I died. 

  25. Senthil Kumar writes:

    Have you tried Fat Blast Factor? (Go google it) It is a quick way to lose
    weight fast.

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