Exotic Pumpkin Soup (Asian Fusion cooking)

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25 Responses to “Exotic Pumpkin Soup (Asian Fusion cooking)”

  1. nadia59 writes:

    i would add a mix of coconut cream/lemon thyme and ginger not sour cream , it complements the thai ingredient better. by the way love ur recipe.

  2. BlodigGurkFan writes:

    They are finally selling those kinds of pumpkins at a store near my home, will do this soup some day. 🙂

  3. Amy Jo Gengler writes:

    This looks great!  I’m excited about the lemon grass and lime leaves. I have to know, though, what is that nail polish? I LOVE it!!

  4. Natasha Dupree writes:

    Love this!

  5. MissLalwen writes:

    Julia, the pumpkin you are using for this recipe is called Hokkaido pumpkin. This is a type of pumpkin that doesn’t need any peeling! You can eat the skin. For a soup, just remove the seeds and cut the pumpkin in chunks – with the skin! – and then cook it with the onions etc. Very delishous!

  6. printvapour writes:

    Hmmmm, looks so GOOD!!!

  7. Trueghostgirl writes:

    If you roast up the pumpkin seeds with a little salt and garlic powder they make great snakes and are awesome to add on the soup for a crunch :). Great recipe

  8. karennba writes:

    nails ??

  9. morganloox writes:

    hast du dich auch so ernährt, während du wirklich abnehmen wolltest? oder erst seit du ein gutes gewicht erreicht hast?

  10. Iivelaughlovelust writes:

    wow youre VERY creative with cooking. the ingredients worked so well together

  11. DrBCorwen writes:

    That’s a purdy looking pumpkin.

  12. hapibth0pel3ss writes:

    aww i dont have that type of pumpkin in the US

  13. chicawut writes:

    Make more cooking videos! You’re amazing at them so simple yet perfect

  14. mariekcobain writes:

    mmmmmmm looks delicious :D

  15. freedom13love writes:

    That looks so good!!

  16. MadChemist89 writes:

    I made this last week and it was so delicious. Thank you for the great recipe 🙂

  17. presa1200 writes:

    this is a malaysian style pumpkin soup. we usually use pumpkin, lemongrass, coconut milk, turmeric powder, black peppercorns, dried shrimp, red chillies, bird’s eyes chillies, onion, garlic, salt and sugar. blended or not blended both are fine.

  18. Donna Angell writes:

    Mmm Delish

  19. Rotschopf1991 writes:

    war das nicht ein hokkaido kürbis?? denn dann hätte man die schale nämlich dran lassen können, die ist essbar

  20. thequeenofnails writes:

    i want some of this right now! looks delish!

  21. purpleplasticcup writes:

    thank you so much for this! im going to make it next week. <33

  22. Ally2005 writes:

    you don’t have to peel!

  23. amyleroux1 writes:

    omg, this looks so good

  24. Silvermaneuk writes:

    Hey Julia, I know you said the jack o’lantern pumpkins werent very nice, but I make a lovely soup using these. I cook the way you did and I add onion, fresh garlic, 5 carrots (grated) and mixed peppers with vegetable stock, and salt and plenty of pepper seasoned with thyme and parsley. Then blend, like you did, its lovely, my kids loved it.

  25. loyoyaNL writes:

    Yummie that looks so good! I will make this for sure and let you know how good it was…I allready know it’s good. Amazing ingredients…the oranges what a good idea. Thank you so much for sharing. xxx

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