Epsom salt cleanse

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AD DO if this doesn’t clean your colon i mean deep clean it than nothing in the whole world will. i must have went for at least 3 hours

www.facebook.com www.twitter.com epsom salt flush, trust me you guys this really works, do not do this flush as a sub for weight loss but its a great way to kick off the cleansing process and never do this flush more than once a month, any question please ask me :):):):):) CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE ATTEMPTING.
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46 Responses to “Epsom salt cleanse”

  1. insignia2543 writes:

    are you fucking stupid it can definetly kill you people have been taking tylenols for years and years with great health benefits but some have died and im sure some have died from epsom salts it has high amounts of magnesium which taken in high doses can kill you

  2. DrColette writes:

    You say “It will KILL YOU???””
    I think not! You have NO business saying something like this. Where’s your proof. When you state something like this – you have to back it up!
    Do should’ve done your research before saying this! People have taken Epson Salt baths daily for years with great health benefits – including myself.
    The last thing we need is more ignorance on the internet!
    Just disgusted!

  3. 5380monique writes:

    Lol. Try it while sucking a lemon

  4. 01291607 writes:

    Where is the follow up?

  5. 01291607 writes:

    You crack me up!

    You speak well.

    Great video.

  6. HuggiePampersBambino writes:

    where is the update video after

  7. littlemsgodly writes:

    0k two tablespoons people
    I do it once aq month most people do it twice a year

  8. ayeleeexbee writes:

    Taste like asprins. XD bahahah 

  9. beinggreen24 writes:

    Omg!! It was so gross… I don’t think I can ever do that again. I only had half of it. Hope it does something.

  10. Naira Badawi writes:

    You’re adorable. 🙂 Thanks for the info!

  11. shannona80 writes:

    u should get ur mustache threaded off…its awesome and you’ll look so much better…i get mine threaded once a month…oh yea and thanks for the info 🙂

  12. ladyj40 writes:

    3 tbls of epsom salt

  13. ladyj40 writes:

    I just did my 1st one I mixed
    3 cups of grapefruit juice
    tablespoons of epsom salt
    went right down

  14. BarryAirdrieFromDaUK writes:

    oh ok.
    so that explains why i never went to the toilet last night.
    i tried this last night for the very FIRST time (01:00 on 15th October 2011) and i had taken 2 teaspoons in an 8oz glass of water and the whole night i never needed to go to the toilet at all.

  15. FourYourGlory writes:

    that was deliousious lol 

  16. FourYourGlory writes:

    that was deliousious lol

  17. littlemsgodly writes:

    3 tablespoons

  18. BarryAirdrieFromDaUK writes:

    so how much epsom salt did you put into that pint glass of water ?
    1 teaspoon
    1 tablespoon ?

  19. littlemsgodly writes:

    yes once a week unless you feel ill than once every other week

  20. BarryAirdrieFromDaUK writes:

    i am taking it for neither.
    i suffer from Morgellons for over 10 years and i read somewhere that take Epsom Salts to fight Morgellons.
    So that is the main reason why i want to take this.
    However if it cleans and flushes out my liver from toxins etc and helops me to lose weight then that is an added bonus of course.
    So for me once a week would be best then ?

  21. littlemsgodly writes:

    @BarryAirdrieFromDaUK the average person should do this once a year as a liver and gall bladder flush but if your using it as a weight loss supplement docotor recommends once a week however be sure to check with your doctor as well as watch the amount of magnesium that you are taking in daily do not exceed 400mg

  22. BarryAirdrieFromDaUK writes:

    so how often should this be repeated ?
    once a week or once a month ?

  23. kashbros writes:

    @missxtimmi Holding your nose isn’t going to cut it! That shit taste down right nasty!!!

  24. kashbros writes:

    @ treejay01 Love the video. LMAO …you are too funny drinking the epsom salt flush!

  25. missxtimmi writes:

    If you hold your nose closed you wont be able to taste it 🙂

  26. gandechgirly78 writes:

    yes, use a straw…. and if you add a water flavoring like Mio or something like that it makes it way more tolerable…. then have a day of movies and toilet time

  27. 49jubilee writes:

    USE A STRAW and it couldbypass your taste buds—apple cider vinegar is good that way because it doesnt get on your teeth

  28. mspoetic247 writes:

    🙂 maybe adding lemon would help? lol u 2funny

  29. Gigi8424 writes:

    Girl…you are so cute and funny…you had me laughing…I wish I knew you! SUBBED :)

  30. okatchimachi writes:

    Its from Dr. Hulda Clark 🙂

  31. okatchimachi writes:

    it is a great way for liver flush. But to have the best results do it this way:
    15 gm of epsom salt dissolved in water at 4 p.m, 6 p.m, 8 p.m, then at 10 p.m take 1 small cup of olive oil (cold pressed) and 1 small cup of fresh lemon juice or grapefruit juice, then sleep on your back with your legs elevated, then in the next morning 15 gm of epsom salt 🙂
    Be careful of diarrhea. You will have your liver stones flushed 🙂

  32. cigarbreath1970 writes:

    Girl, you are funny!! You made me bust my gut laughin’!

  33. 970105 writes:

    suck on a lemon then down it with tongue not in your mouth…if that makes sense

  34. LuniaVideo writes:


  35. rollak4 writes:

    will that flush out thc?

  36. facesofomega writes:

    i just went to the bathroom 8 times in a row ,now i feel better sinues,the meds i was on ,im feeling better ill do it next month too

  37. treejay01 writes:

    thanks for watching

  38. 41angelfire writes:

    you so real girl. great video.thx for being down to earth.

  39. JesusKingofKings7 writes:

    that background music is too loud and makes it hard to follow

  40. thomassurdi1 writes:

    It taste like liquid asprin with a little sour ass..

  41. thomassurdi1 writes:

    ur funny girl!

  42. jamajezzie writes:

    I can’t stomach the taste.

  43. DeeBee2013 writes:

    Why make a video to give people advice and drown out your advice with such loud music

  44. goddesstay cheekz writes:

    omg it work and good ooooookkkkkkk

  45. ljbew writes:

    I use Epsom salt every week this SHIT works…
    Drink some then put a Cinnamon Fire Jolly Rancher
    in ur mouth, taste gone in about 5 seconds!!

  46. DJJALISCO writes:

    if u want to eliminate the taste use 1/2 of a lemon with it it will take the nasty taste it works tanks for the video

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