Emergency weight loss help??? ?

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Question by OUT OF ACTION: Emergency weight loss help??? ?
I have just realised how much weight i have put on and need to lose it FAST!

can anybody help me? I need to lose about a stone in weight asap.

I can cope with any extreme methods, i dont mind wether it is healthy or unhealthy!

I dont have any money to buy special food or gym equipment etc.

And i cant work out at home (there is no space).

I AM good at starving myself though.



Best answer:

Answer by msmonroe2003
Go running every day for 30/40 mins a day and eat like 1200 cals. You will lose weight♥

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6 Responses to “Emergency weight loss help??? ?”

  1. buckeyewessonator writes:

    Yea, I agree with the person above.

    This will have more of an affect than starving yourself.

    You may lose weight when you starve yourself, but your doin your body more damage than good when you do that…

  2. Josh [Remember the name] writes:

    Lol, you should be a model.

  3. leta writes:

    Eat 6-8 small meals a day (very small-veges, fruit) and try Slimtree.com for exercises!

  4. Kevin D writes:

    K this WILL seem wierd but have u ever heard of XXX mints? Or even trebor extra strong mints? Well have special k for breakfast (sustain is my fav… delicious) then instead of having lunch eat mints but start eating them around 1 then eat 1 every say 15 – 25 mins or longer if possible. Try and make them last as long as you can then have your dinner same as you normally would then if you get hungry at night eat more mints… or have soup!! Works for me n my friend (whos a girl). Hope that helps!!
    By the way you can but a 5 pack of XXX mints in aldi for €1.69 =D

  5. equinox writes:

    If you don’t care about your health and want to lose weight, starve yourself. You’ll look horrible and your body will eat your muscle tissue instead of fat, then you develop an eating disorder etc etc. When you start eating again, you will definetly put it back on quicker than you lost it, it happens everytime, and you won’t be able to starve yourself much longer than a week.

    If you want to be not retarded and lose fat, which is bad, instead of weight, which is good, eat more. Only bad food hurts you, good food helps you. 6 meals every 2-3 hours everyday with no skipping becuase speeds up your metabolism, keeps you satisfied, and burns more calories than 3 meals or less because your body is constantly working to digest food. Drink water, lots of it over soda/beer/fruit juices. Do cardio for 30-60 minutes, find out how many calories you burn daily (BMR + exercise) and eat 500 calories less than that (any less than 1200-1300 and you’re starving yourself, when you starve you lose muscle, not fat, not having muscle is much worse and much more unattaractive than having a little extra fat).

    If you lose more than 1-2 pounds a week, eat more because it’s unhealthy and you’ll put it back on because your body can’t ease into the transition.

    It takes work, time, and dedication to look good. If it were as easy as not eating for a week or running to the bathroom and vomiting after meals, everyone would look good. But they don’t, and it isn’t.

  6. Emmar writes:

    Ha ha. Id lecture, but then id be a hypocrite. 😛

    Fast for a few days, i knows its really bad, but if you do it for 3-5 days you can lose around 6lbs.

    I guess it depends on whether you want to control your weight by exercising or eating less.

    Go running? hurts like shite, but works. Drink lots of water, you’ll bloat but it washes the junk out of you.

    this site is pretty good: http://www.freewebs.com/thinner-is-the-winner/


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