eating then boosting metabolism?

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metabolism boosting
by wallygrom

Question by Shayy: eating then boosting metabolism?
if someone eats food, then goes running will it speed up your metabolism enough to make you not gain the weight? i know that running puts your metabolism in hyper drive so would this method work of eating then boosting your metab? to lose the weight u ate?

Best answer:

Answer by slapshot
No, this is not true. The only thing that matters that, at the end of the day if you burned the same or more calories than you brought in (ate). If you are an active person, this is usually taken care for you. If you sit around all day, you will want to hit the gym and do some cardio. It does not matter when you do your cardio – in relation to when you ate. Again, it matters only at the end of the 24-hour cycle how much you burned off vs what you brought in.

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One Response to “eating then boosting metabolism?”

  1. Carl S writes:

    Slapshot is 95% right – at the end of the day it all comes down to a material balance. If you exercise more than you eat, then you’ll lose weight. If you eat more than you exercise you’ll gain weight.

    Metabolism isn’t an on/off switch. Its not like if you go running your metabolism goes into overdrive. Infact it’s nothing like that at all. Once you start running, your blood is actually diverted away from your digestive tract to feed oxygen to your muscles. How this affects your absorption of food, is unknown to me – but it’ll likely lead to cramping and bloating. But feeding your muscles will start using the sugar in your blood stream. Ultimately to lose fat weight, you want to train your body to use MORE than the sugar in your blood stream IE running on empty. That forces your body to use fat as fuel. However, you’ll be incredibly hungry once you’re done – so be cautious not to chow-down after either… if you grab the wrong snack you’ll just replenish what you’ve burned. The idea is keep your blood sugar around 100mg/dL at all times (a reasonable fasting blood sugar). When you exercise your body will use the small amount of sugar available then resort to fat. If you keep the sugar low all day long, you’ll be keeping concentrations of lipase high in your blood stream and you’ll be used to using fat for fuel, which is key for losing weight. If you have high blood sugar all the time (IE: marathon runners eat complex carbs before a race to raise blood sugar because most dont have enough fat to fuel long runs like that) you’ll not burn much fat. But if you keep blood sugar low – fat is the only fuel around.

    So does it work to eat before you run – I’m going to say it’ll only leave you with nasty cramps.

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