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25 Responses to “Dr. Simion’s Hcg Diet | Ultra Hcg EXPLOSIVE RESULTS FAST!!”

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  13. Sara Daniels writes:

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  14. Nestor Pavia writes:

    She seems very nervous for some reason don’t know why’hmm!!!

  15. LosingDrea writes:

    I am sorry but I lost almost 22 lbs in 42 days so far and I have not taken
    in anything other than food and water. I can eat 1440 calories + though
    that is so much good food I can’t hardly eat that much. Sounds like a bunch
    of bunk to me! I know of people in the WL community here on YouTube just
    eating right and losing weight. I would not want to take anything
    especially shots if I am not a diabetic of something. Eat 500 calories
    daily you will LOSE without shots.

  16. Candice Ekberg writes:

    It’s a legit question 🙂 Have you had kids? Having children can screw with
    your hormones big time! They edited a lot out of the show. Short story, I
    was a thrower in college. Always very athletic, but still bigger(need the
    mass). Once done, I was burned out from the years of heavy lifting/training
    and decided to start a family = Lost muscle, got fat. Was doing diet and
    exercise but hit a plateau that I couldn’t break. That’s when I found hcg &
    it worked. Have kept it off for 2 years now.

  17. Candice Ekberg writes:

    lol, you try appearing on national TV for the first time ever, and in one
    take 😉 Im a personal trainer, not a trained actress! lol

  18. LosingDrea writes:

    @BodyByCandice Yeah but there are people out there on this stuff losing
    their hair and gaining back all the weight they lost and then some.

  19. ruri Susi writes:

    Holla, have you seen Aston Fat Furnace? (just google it) You will learn how
    to shed fat quickly.

  20. Gene Williams writes:

    No disrespect, just curious….. how is it that you were a personal
    trainer, but also in need of losing so much weight? Isnt that kind of like
    seeing a marriage counselor who has been divorced 5 times? Did I hear the
    video clip incorrectly? Either way, you look great. I want to drop some
    lbs, so I am doing my research. Thanks.

  21. Airbrush Kidd writes:

    Hi , I see u requested me but I’m not sure who u are , can u inbox me

  22. BodyByCandice writes:

    You can read more about my experience on my website bodybycandice. com!

  23. BodyByCandice writes:

    @LosingDrea – You can also read more about my experience and all the
    testing I have done on my website bodybycandice . com

  24. BodyByCandice writes:

    @LosingDrea: You can lose weight with just 500 cals alone, but it is not
    safe, and you don’t have the hcg to upload and abnormal fat. You will lose
    precious muscle as well. Even though you are eating 500-800 cals, you are
    actually burning 2500-3500 cals of abnormal body fat. Please Google and
    read Dr. Simeon’s original protocol “Pounds and Inches” so you can
    understand the science behind the diet. I tested my RMR while on day 24 of
    500 cals and was 9% above normal at 1642 cals, thanks to hcg!

  25. BodyByCandice writes:

    @LosingDrea If you go to my website, you will see that I now use a
    medically and clinically tested protocol that now allows 800 calories, 3x
    more protein, breakfast, and supplements – all which help preserve lean
    muscle tissue and eliminate many of the side effects that you may find with
    the 500. It was developed by Sonia E Russell LPN and a team of Doctors she
    works with. bodybycandice. com/blog/2011/07/21/500-vs-800/ I tested it
    myself and lost more body fat% and felt great

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