Dr. Ann: Metabolism Boosters

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Dr. Ann Kulze, popularly known as “Dr. Ann”, talks about metabolism-boosting foods. She explains how exercise revs a person’s metabolic rate and also covers that foods that have a negative impact on your body, or promote insulin resistance. For more health related videos go to www.icyou.com
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22 Responses to “Dr. Ann: Metabolism Boosters”

  1. MyWorldMyTube2 writes:

    Lots of info for a single video. I loved how you got straight to the point and gave us so much great advice. Thanks so much.

  2. smeogismyname writes:


    Its a good thing to drink extra water anyway. Quite a lot of people are chronically slightly dehydrated. More often then not, when you think you’re hungry, just drink a glass of water. Chances are you were just thirsty.

  3. lauriejamesmackeson writes:

    17,000cal in a year? Wow. What an amazingly large number. Makes exercising seem like a waste of time…lol. It seems ‘just a little more healthier an option’ to cut back the 195kJ / 46 cal everyday in your diet…but hey that’s just me.

  4. mikealmedaa writes:

    you’re wrong that only make u hungrier

  5. OTTODDROCK writes:

    Thanks,really good guidance

  6. tickyul writes:

    @kaigausista My story is a lot like yours and millions of others. I have had a hard time maintaining an ideal weight, never really fat, but just not consistant on the diet. The simple thing that I found that works really well is to give yourself a 5 pound range and stay within it. Step on the scale 2-3 times a week. When you are at the top of the 5 pound range cut back a little, at the bottom of the range you can allow yourself a little more flexibility. Ciao

  7. kaigausista writes:

    Lots of fruits and vegies, whole wheat, green tea, almond or brazil nuts, lots of protein, keeping an eye on carb intake, water water water drink alot of it, berries, and for now I only exercise 20mins a day(I like to start small and progress from there) & and I still lose weight. Food does really make alot of difference in weightloss. I am never hungry, fibre food helps. I just wish I had this info two years ago after I had my son. I could have kept my pre-pregnancy figure LOL!

  8. kaigausista writes:

    I guess some ppl r jst lucky. They don’t gain weight no matter what kind of food they eat…but for some of us that is not the case. I have always struggled with my weight, I exercise & eat low calorie food/diets (fad) for a month o& still find myself losing very little or none. My problem was eating the wrong types of food…yes I was eating low calories but most of which were slowing down my metabolism. after changing my diet to more metabolism boosting food I lost 7lbs in less than a week!

  9. JonathanSwifty writes:

    I don’t know how reliable this information is, but I actually could relate to 2 things mentioned. I drink alot of tea, black tea not the green one, in my honest opinion it tastes like piss( and I never drank piss eithers, it is the smell that gives it away).

    And I drink tons of water, not the liquid just plain tap or mineral water. Maybe those things help me stay healthy weight. I always thought it was genetics and the fact that besides my grandma, who got diabetes noone is overweight.

  10. TheNightingalerose writes:

    Thank you! Found this very informative.

  11. 0999bj writes:

    taking hot and cold showers is another one

  12. ya2006mi writes:

    i have a credit test after 2 days about metabolism and this is very helpful

  13. ladyTbroski writes:

    @patr3ck Hahaha, I know right?!

  14. tickyul writes:

    Yep, I defintely have metabolic syndrome, Let myself go a bit. I Stopped all junk and am exercising, scale does not want to budge. Even 5 years ago, if I would have done the same thing, pounds would have dropped quickly. Thick abdominal fat, high BP, high LDL, low HDL, prediabetic fasting glucose levels if I start eating too many carbs, just to name a few of the symptoms I have. No ones fault but my own. Carbs are very problematic for me, eat too many and I get constant painful hunger. Cheers!

  15. xyuc0cu writes:

    pretty much..:)

  16. mathias7777777777777 writes:

    Put simply, eat healthy and exercise…?

  17. rckrbls writes:

    thanks for the vid!

  18. patr3ck writes:

    “And guess what determines your metabolic rate? Your muscle mass!”

    God I love the way she said that.

  19. katmobile59 writes:

    Canola oil isn’t a good oil

  20. strangebrewtoo writes:


  21. RosieCN2003 writes:

    Great video- I always wanted to know this stuff

  22. gangja8 writes:

    nice tips….tnx

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