does plastic bags really work to make you sweat & loose weight?

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Question by Missy: does plastic bags really work to make you sweat & loose weight?
does anyone no some really good tricks to lose fast weight ! god , i hate myself!

Best answer:

Answer by bonusball561
it will help you lose water weight but will gain that back once you consume water…water weight nd fat is not the same fat is something that makes you look big water weight is just whats in you body

eat 6 small meals a day…stick to complex carbs which is in the oatmeal…get lots of protein to build lean muscle which the chicken nd protein shakes…take a good multi vitamin…if you want to go with weight loss pills i would say dont take anything but tonalin cla and/or green tea extract (i would do both of them at the same time)

meal 1 :instant oat meal (plain with cinnamon)

meal 2 :protein shake

meal 3:salad (everyone has there own thought on dressings when i want to lose weight nd i just rough it nd use lemon juice)

meal 4:apple

meal 5:protein shake

meal 6:chicken (grilled or baked) with veggies

(personaly myself i drink a gallon of water a day which will help cravings and will help you feel full some ppl say it helps boost you metabolism but im not quite sure…i know it will clean out your body of toxins which will result in many thinks such as better skin ) dont chug it sip on it through out the day and drink it with meals

good workouts for fat buring is p90x (google it) havnt seen one better yet

also look into a BMR Calculator they have them online just copy nd paste onto google it tells you how many calories you should bring in a day basicly what your body burns just living…dont cut calories nd dont over go the number they give you…quick story they did a test on what cutting calories does…so they brought them to 1500 they lost like 15 pounds in a month but the month after sticking to the same amount of calories they only lost 3 then the next month they didnt lose any at all. When they got back on the 2000 calorie diet they gained back more weight then what they started with….your body will adapt to the amount of calories you take in so dont think eating nothing will help you lose weight because you are basicly controling your starvation…as a natural body defence against dieing if you barely eat you body doesnt know when its going to eat again so it will start saving everything as fat.

numbers on a scale is not what you should go by measure your body fat and try to cut that down…the old saying goes muscle ways more than fat which is true you can stay the same weight but lose fat….take a pic every week of what you look like you will see a big diffrence if your doing everything right.

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