Does anyone know the name of the Chinese tea that help loosing weigh?

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Question by Marie: Does anyone know the name of the Chinese tea that help loosing weigh?
My friend was telling there’s a Chinese tea that help to loose weigh I don’t remembered the name, any one know?

Best answer:

Answer by Evolution IDK
humm maybe …
Green Tea?
Oolong Tea?
Black Tea?
Tuva Tea?
hope this helped 🙂

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5 Responses to “Does anyone know the name of the Chinese tea that help loosing weigh?”

  1. Lynn Rigsby writes:

    Green tea.

  2. Romanianloop writes:

    Oolong tea.

  3. The One Who Knows writes:

    Oolong tea is marketed as a weight loss tea. There is some evidence that it can boost metabolism a bit to help burn a few extra calories, but it is not sufficient to use as a standalone product. In the studies, participants burned an average of a little over 60 calories per day – and that was after drinking 4 cups of it per day. At that rate, it would take about 2-3 months to burn 1 pound of body fat.

    Only consuming less calories than you burn will cause you to lose weight (e.g., diet and exercise). If you are consuming too many calories then this tea will not magically cause you to lose weight. However, including Oolong could be beneficial as part of a good diet and exercise program.

  4. Shiggy writes:

    There are many many kinds of green tea in Asia, I can’t name them all. The most famous green tea in Japan is known as Ryokucha or simply “tea”. I don’t remember hearing anything about helping loose weight though.

  5. cazort writes:

    There are a number of Chinese teas that are marketed for the purpose of weight loss. These include green tea, oolong tea (Wu Long tea), and Wuyi tea (any tea, usually oolong tea, from the Wuyi mountains). I run a tea website which has information on all of these. However…these teas are all a bit of a gimmick, honestly. There is some evidence that tea can provide moderate weight loss benefits, but…it’s not strong evidence, and it’s not a very strong effect. I have a page that explains this more:

    You can also find pages explaining about those specific types of tea on the site.

    Honestly though? The only safe and healthy way to lose weight is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and get regular exercise. You can find my dietary recommendations here:

    I would advise you to drink these teas only if you like the taste. I often drink these and other Chinese teas; they can be delicious, especially when you get a high-quality loose-leaf batch from a company that focuses on flavor (avoid companies selling tea as a weight loss product!). But don’t expect magic weight loss benefits…the effect will be small at best.

    Good luck!

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