Doctors Explain Healthy Way for Bill Clinton’s Dramatic Weight Loss

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After undergoing heart surgery back in February, former President Bill Clinton has adopted a healthier lifestyle. In a recent interview with CNN Bill Clinton talked about his plant-based, vegan diet and recent weight loss. “I live of off beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits. It has completely changed my metabolism. I’ve lost 24 lbs and I weigh about what I did in high school,” says Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton says his diet does not include any meat or dairy. Clinton drinks a glass of almond milk mixed with fruit and a protein powder supplement every morning. What made him go vegan? Clinton has read many books on the topic, including books by T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish. /// A Short Historical Perspective on Vegetarian Diets In the past, many viewed vegetarianism as strange and faddish but appropriately planned vegetarian diets are now recognized by many, including the American Dietetic Association, as being nutritionally adequate, and providing healthful benefits in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases . Choosing a nonvegetarian lifestyle has a significant health and medical cost. The total direct medical costs in the United States attributable to meat consumption were estimated to be -80 billion a year, based upon the higher prevalence of hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gallstones, obesity and food-borne illness among omnivores compared with vegetarians . A large body of scientific literature suggests that the
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24 Responses to “Doctors Explain Healthy Way for Bill Clinton’s Dramatic Weight Loss”

  1. IClausius writes:

    great interview, wolf!

  2. mjs1231 writes:

    every forum is packed with idiots giving stupid comments, time for a great culling.

  3. mjs1231 writes:

    im 42, work out 3 times a week, dont eat meat, im 6’2 186 lbs and do wind sprints on the beach.

    ya…42 and do wind sprints. I love it almost more than sex lol. my point is he had a nutritional specialist tell him whats up. You remember he advocated fast food and ate taco bell alot, saying oh ya its great, hes a fool.

    a tool for corporate and a bilderberg attendee. its just too bad he learned to eat right.

  4. datzfast writes:

    he is not eating correct, his diet can be classified as an eating disorder.

  5. datzfast writes:

    no, i didnt work out. to make your argument worse im retired.

  6. cubedmack writes:

    yeah, but u had to work out to loss that weight and he didn’t.

  7. HermannTheGreat writes:

    He went through the presidency, that will wear the life out of anyone. And he’s 65 lol, cut him some slack he’s not a young guy. The fact he got through a Bypass and lost tons of weight and basically saved his life through eating clean is pretty incredible.

  8. datzfast writes:

    poor guy he has lost all the vigor, he clearly is not the same man

  9. datzfast writes:

    thats right, the daed cant smell urine.LOL

  10. noldorian86 writes:

    im sure he is terribly upset dear xD

  11. datzfast writes:

    gee billy boy i eat paleo meat diet and lost 50 pounds. looks like i beat the hell out of your little puny weight loss.tell you what if i die first you can piss on my grave, but you die first.LOL

  12. qarohc writes:

    Not only do you sound like a christian, with your cult of Hitchens idiocy, but you sound like a loud mouth fundamentalist creationist.

    Not my fault you say things that are inconsistent with your self image.

    And again just like a christian nutter, insult and ignore.

  13. qarohc writes:

    What the fuck does Hitchens have to do with any of this?

    Some jesus asshole starts pushing his cult in a video about diet and you respond to me?

    Are you so ignorant that you think that some idiot pushing his cult would never get called out unless the person is a Hitchens clone?

    Keep your idiotic cult to yourselves and out of public view and you wont have to worry about people that dont buy your particular brand of bullshit.

  14. ACLogikel writes:

    uhh b12 deficiency is the biggest crock of shit there is, our own body produces b12 without any outside help. Meat eaters tend to have MORE b12 deficiency and then 3-4 more minerals and vitamins than plant eaters. Deficiencies occur in plants ONLY based on soil quality, the meat eaters get them because they dont eat enough good food and clog their system with meat. You’re liver loves you for eating all that meat! You probably carry 10-20 lbs extra weight of just dead meat.

  15. ACLogikel writes:

    I’ve basically cured life long chronic migraines with diet alone. I was the rare type who had them literally 5-7 days a week as far back as my first memory of life. It took me years to weed through all the BS doctors and meds, testings etc… Various diets and exercises programs, nutritional therapies etc… But hands down nothing works better to this day than a primarily raw based diet with about 10-20% cooked foods which is minimal rice and vegetables, no meat, traditionalmedicinals herb teas

  16. qarohc writes:

    “the reason uncle sam doesn’t want you eating meat is because it contributes to global warming”

    This is just ignorant.

    There is a great deal of investment in the meat industry in this country. The rest of your statements are just as shallow and ill-informed.

  17. qarohc writes:

    Jesus was just another nut leading yet another cult.

    That is if he wasn’t made up entirely by later cult leaders.

    Who gives a fuck about your idiotic superstitious nonsense?

    If you dont want your retarded ideas to be ridiculed keep them to yourself or just share them with other idiots that have been infected by your particular cult.

    In other words fuck jesus and the hypocritical ignorant assholes that push his stupid death cult.

  18. master4mis writes:

    I’m interested to discover a little more about weight loss diet plans – I am employing numerous DietOramy weight-reduction plan (found it on Google) for a handful of time now and I am in fact reducing weight and am happy with regards to it!

  19. Ownt45 writes:

    @fettkatt87 Oh please do shut up.

    Great positive message! Hope people will actually start thinking about what it is they’re putting into their bodies.

  20. fettkatt87 writes:

    If people are going to be healthy they need to begin to belive in Jesus Christ and worship and pray to him. Because He is the Savior of the world. Eating healthy is also important, but not as important as Jesus, and reading about Him in the Bible the only true word of God. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life and the only way to the Father.

  21. smartverity writes:

    This is such a great, positive message and I truly hope this has influenced people to make informed changes to what they put in their mouths.

  22. IranContraScumDid911 writes:

    His heart and septum are destroyed from doing huge piles of cocaine with prostitutes. Bill knows all about “dramatic weight loss” smoking crack. Bill Clinton is a piece of trash, a treasonous terrorist to divert attention from his impeachment trial and lying under oath (and publicly to America on TV). Along comes Bin Laden, who Bill says bombed everything since 1990, most of which he could not or even would not do. Bill then hits Afghanistan and says Bin Laden. As usual, no evidence presented

  23. TheSaltySpicy writes:

    @SamanthaLee your ex-boyfriend is a freakin’ retarded.. He just wants you to become obese becases he wants to own you.. I suggest you should engage this diet program WeightLossAction.Info.. You can see a lot of diet information there on how to lose your fats fast.. They have the best diet programs so dont worry.. I myself tried it also and it works well..

  24. avatarion writes:

    I also don’t eat soy because of the estrogen content.

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