Difference between protein powder for muscle gain or weight loss?

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Question by JuJaB: Difference between protein powder for muscle gain or weight loss?
Or are they all intended to increase muscle mass? I found one that is 140 calories, 2g carbs, would this be good for weight loss?
My goal is to lose weight.

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Answer by _fan_
Most muscle building protein powders have a low fat content and sometimes have dextrose,maltodextrin,waxy maize starch or a combo thereof. Its supposed to spike insulin and get maximal delivery of amino acids to the muscles.

Meal Replacement Powders typically have added vitamins and come in somewhere between 230-500 calories. Some of these are designed with precise macronutrient ratios.

Then you have your weight gainers which tend to be high in fat,carbs and sugar, and have about 46-70g of protein per serving.

I would not recommend doing a fluids only diet. YOu are bound to miss out on many nutrients that you need and may lose muscle or gain fat.
I personally try to take in only two shakes a day,and eat whole food about 3-4 times per day.

One thing folks dont think about when trying to “be healthy” or lose weight is that you can lose weight without affecting your body composition. The first 2-10lbs of weight loss is usually water and accumulated waste in the body.
Thats why it is best to focus on longterm weight loss so taht your lifestyle changes in such a way that you cant possibly gain all that weight back. It is very common for crash dieters to lose a few lbs,but then put it all back plus more.

Im more familiar with protein powders being marketed as a muscle building product. With most folks needing between 1500-1900 calories a day without being active,youd need to drink about 11 shakes a day to equal that. Yet another reason why it is impractical to have a fluid diet.
Id say at best if you were going to try a fluid diet to stick with it no more than 3 days. But I personally wouldnt try it.

Theres a book called Eat Stop Eat, you might want to check that out. Brad Pilon talks about intermittent fasting and its benefits on fat loss and muscle building.

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