Diet supplements weight loss

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More info here: Diet supplements weight loss. It is the news that every struggling dieter and worn out gym member has been waiting for: a…
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Lose Weight Safely and Naturally – The diet pill industry has been taking your money for years. Now…
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26 Responses to “Diet supplements weight loss”

  1. Elisabeth Spencer writes:
  2. Eva K. Schumann writes:

    Your body has the hormone which handles 100% capability to reduce fat, it
    is Leptin. To losing weight effectively, you must learn the right way to
    accelerate your metabolism.

  3. Cynthia Anderson writes:

    Aside from authenticity, being fully aware of dosage recommendations
    according to the purpose of use is also important. Rush Nutrition explained
    in detail the kinds of dosages and the best time to take the supplement.

  4. MssRodriguez247 writes:

    Thank you very much. My brother has been taking Hydroxycut. I had no clue
    about any of this bc I don’t take supplements. I already forwarded the link
    to him. 🙂

  5. lovelygirl999 writes:

    wow this is really interesting. Thanks for keeping us consumers involved
    and informed. Great topic thanks sarah and diethelth! 🙂

  6. hawaii8087 writes:

    good info Sarah I have been critical of other videos but i don’t see this
    one as being so bad Can you keep us updated on the hydroxycut story? So
    many people take supplements (and not ALL are bad) that good info is so

  7. bandit7498 writes:

    @redd1g A proper weight loss “supplement” really should not kill the
    appetite. Too many people misunderstand what a good weight loss pill should
    do. People that go for those pills that make you feel full will never be
    free from them. As soon as they stop taking them, on go the pounds again,
    IF they ever lost any to begin with. People that think the key to weight
    loss is not eating know nothing about the human anatomy. I eat 7 meals a
    day and have no problem trimming extra fat.

  8. Ryan Atkinson writes:

    Excellent video. I do not think you are a sellout. AT ALL. I love your
    videos because they are informative and give examples of brands/products
    that help support your arguments.

  9. Nasos Nasos writes:


  10. NinJaSerenade writes:

    Sarah, I appreciate your willingness to educate us. To help solve the
    problem about people complaining about ads, I think you should put a notice
    of it in the description. Something like “This video contains a paid
    advertisement that we Diethealth support.” Or something. Hope it helps,
    keep making nice videos. 😀

  11. Homewrecker386 writes:

    I don’t need to lose weight. I’m petite, only around 100 pounds. However, I
    ordered a free sample of Jumpstart Extreme, so I’ll have energy to get
    things done. Has anyone taken this? Does it give you energy?

  12. egyptiangel320 writes:

    omg its not like she agreed to support something harmful like cigarettes, i
    dont see anything that was bad about the video. if after you found out it
    was an as and you dont feel like watching an ad just go back.

  13. Tina Bush writes:

    That’s you, everyone’s body chemistry is different, though I would never
    take that Hydroxycut she’s talking about.

  14. kosnow11 writes:

    there is no weight-loss “miracle” in the form of a pill, period. the secret
    is to get in the gym fattys, and stop buying doritos!

  15. diethealth writes:

    I keep trying to post comments and it’s not working! This is Sarah and I’m
    sorry you all feel like I’m selling out. I DO believe in Fish Oil and it’s
    amazing benefits. I DO believe diet pills that contain herbal blends of
    ingredients are terrible for your body.

  16. follielafemme writes:

    Chromium does work to decrease appetite

  17. baileyaka writes:

    advertisement or not, i’m glad that they’re educating us about a better
    alternative to hydroxycut. thanks sarah!

  18. THINKusername writes:

    is hydroxycut still available?

  19. pinkpurple3 writes:

    today i just found out that you gotta burn 3,500 fat calories to lose one
    pound of fat. that was a question i had for years and who ever i asked was
    unable to tell me. but im glad i know now and i thought i’d share it with
    you all 🙂

  20. lazydiets writes:

    Pills are not the way to lose weight. Dangerous stuff.

  21. RayneFace writes:

    it says paid advertisement, it’s not tiny, it’s there. at least they are
    honest. … golden rule of youtube, hate it? shut it off

  22. Lindsay writes:

    i do

  23. Sarah Catherine writes:


  24. mLOProductions writes:

    Sold your soul for a small sum… good thing there’s still GOOD health
    channels like UndergroundWellness who DON’T sell out…

  25. diepillsthatwork writes:

    These diet pills are the alternative to hca hope that these diet pills work
    and are safe Your video is very good and presents the all the facts on diet

  26. zoe2jane writes:

    “Familiarity” with an ingredient is not the same as evidence that the
    product works. The difficulty with the supplement industry is that very
    little (almost none) is based on clinical controlled studies that are peer
    reviewed. Also FDA approved is not the same as evidence based. Sarah,
    you’re usually very sensible but this is counter to your usual message of
    “eat less, move more, think right” How about a video looking at supplements
    where there is evidence of efficacy?

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