Diet, Diet Pills and Extreme weight loss Any tips?

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extreme weight loss tips
by Chris Devers

Question by : Diet, Diet Pills and Extreme weight loss Any tips?
Right my diets unhealthy but i cant eat much more and i really want to be SKINNY (sorry i dont believe the only dogs want a bone crep! comeone no one wants a whale) im a raw food vegan and live on mainly coffee and salad odd rye bread and one 100g bowl of pasta a week (just to keep me used to carbs) but i got metabo extreme diet pills i think they work a lil, well they make me REALLY energetic and warm so i get the faster your metabolisim the hotter you get and they give you a boost better than caffiene, i jog loads with my dogs about 90mins minimum a day, do about 100 sit ups (4 sets of 25) but i just dont feel like im loosing enough quick enough… im 8stone 5ft3.5 but i want to have like next to no body fat i hate my stomach and thighs and want to loose a stone or two kinda quickly ( maybe by christmas)

and dont tell me about eating disorders im ex ana and still slightly bulemic, no im going to kill myself answers please i know how dangerous eating 200 to 500 calories is

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Answer by Marcus
Try the warrior diet (one meal a day between 5:30pm and 7:30pm).

I lost 7 pounds in the first week, healthily.

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4 Responses to “Diet, Diet Pills and Extreme weight loss Any tips?”

  1. ........ writes:

    You’re gonna die if you do not CLAM THE FUCK DOWN. Diet pills are unsafe and will cause organ failure. Your diet is unsafe and you will shorten your life span. You will die around age 30 if you keep this up.

  2. Nicole Kimberly writes:

    How can you post a question like this, and not expect people to bring up eating disorders? I’m anorexic too and i know how dangerous it is, but hun? You’re saying no one wants a whale, but who wants a skeleton?

    I think you should talk to someone about your problems, if you aren’t already. And maybe you could try toning your body instead of getting thinner, to be honest i think a lot of people would find that much more attractive.

  3. madeleine writes:

    Check out the Dukan diet and stay away from diet pills.

  4. View writes:

    – Choose a variety of foods from all food groups every day. This is a fine way of keeping deficiency diseases at bay. Change the items included in your diet every day. This is an excellent way of keeping deficiency diseases at bay and it helps you to experiment with a variety of dishes and there by you do not get bored of your diet.

    – If you can say no to alcoholic beverages please do. Alcoholic beverages too are not good for you. Beer can be fattening and the rest of the alcoholic drinks may not be fattening by themselves but after a couple of swigs you will be in no position to watch your diet and your appetite too will be something to battle with.

    – Try to have breakfast within one hour of waking. It’s always best to have breakfast within an hour of waking so that your body can charge itself with the energy it needs for the day. The idea is not to wait for your self to get really hungry. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but that does not mean that it should be the most filling meal of the day.

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