Day 9: B12 injections for weight loss, my positive experience.

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B12 injections for weight loss. * I take 1000 micrograms each time. At first I took one a day for a week, then one a week for a month and then once a month. …
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Dr. Shel talks about a personalized weight loss program, hormone imbalance, nutritional imbalance, B-12 Injections and detox on Great Day Houston. For more i…
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38 Responses to “Day 9: B12 injections for weight loss, my positive experience.”

  1. nattsie writes:

    just had my first vitamin b12 injection. i had blood tests last week and i
    got the results today and my b12 was very low. thanks so much for educating
    us on stuff like this because if i hadn’t watched the videos that you and
    harley have made about this, i wouldn’t have known what to do! xo

  2. thebeashow writes:

    can i take b12 supplements and pills for thyroid problems ? should i take
    them at the same time or not ? please help 

  3. brellyn muldoon writes:

    I am also wondering about the outfit, that’s all I could think about when I
    was trying to listen to you.

  4. Ebony Moore writes:

    why do u have on gloves…. and a skully….. but no clothes???? and a
    orange around ur neck? 🙂 lol

  5. mport09 writes:

    Here’s another case, and he also provides info: put in youtube bar:
    Durianrider Interview – The Truth About B12

  6. Darlene Escobar writes:

    Is that an orange slice on your neck?

  7. Chris Long writes:

    I would like to see data on a study of this, anecdotal evidence by one
    person is not enough for me.

  8. Phili nora writes:

    Hahawhy THE gloves??

  9. AutopsyReport22 writes:

    i heard clams have a high amt of B12 for ppl who still eat meat.

  10. AutopsyReport22 writes:

    injections are more effective. pills have too many fillers and don’t
    dissolve well. some foods are overcooked so much that the vitamins have
    been cooked out.

  11. AutopsyReport22 writes:

    what do you mean meat eaters damaged tissue?

  12. AutopsyReport22 writes:

    Many std clinics and planned parenthoods will offer B12 shots for
    reasonable prices. I had to get a TB shot for school, they referred me to a
    clinic, and on the clinic’s menu was B12 shot that range from $12 to $25.
    They cost about $70 at a local spa. I did get energy from the $25 B12 shot
    becuz it offered more things in it like Inositol, than the $12 one. You
    will actually notice energy. It just doesn’t last that long. They shoot you
    in the butt.

  13. Streetness Goat writes:

    B12 ….xD

  14. boogs77 writes:

    DAMN I’ve just opened my box of B12 serum and I’ve got ampoules!

  15. Jamie Lee writes:

    Wanted to leave a comment after googling B12 and finding your channel. I’ve
    had some fitness issues since I had my thyroid out in 2010, plus I’ve lost
    the ability to properly digest many foods (dairy, many carbs, soy). I’ve
    basically become vegan, and I’m worried about being deficient in certain
    vitamins. I wanted to say that you look so good! Your skin is just glowing,
    and you’re in incredible shape. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. You’ve
    definitely encouraged me to look into this more.

  16. Sweet Malina writes:

    why is she naked and wearing a winter hat? 😀

  17. Saturn1030 writes:

    VEGANS SHOULD HAVE LOW B12 B12 is a vitamin which is used to synthesize and
    repair Epithelium and Red blood cell. Animal protein eater damage those
    tissue a lot and they need plenty of B12, but Raw Vegan cause little damage
    to those tissues and they need much smaller amount of B12. So, they don’t
    get it from meat. Meat cause them to create more B12 to repair the damage
    from meat! Just make sure that your low B12 doesn’t go even lower each
    year. It should stay the SAME all the time!

  18. asemicolonuk writes:

    I thought this lifestyle was about health not weight loss? Pls get tested
    for B12 deficiency prior to injecting! Get prescribed B12 from a doctor as
    online medication is not regulated! It could be anything! Too much of any
    substance is bad for you. This much b12 is excessive-I’m a nurse and I
    would never put that much into my body

  19. asemicolonuk writes:

    There must be a reason that doctors give you a hard time if you go to them
    for this…. Unless you are trained to give injections I would not do this-
    as a nurse I had to undergo strict training! People on YouTube do not
    always know what they are doing with injections. Monthly B12 injections
    sounds excessive. I have a section of bowel missing from surgery and cannot
    absorb B12 from food and I don’t always need my 3 monthly jab! Pls don’t
    buy medication online as it could be rat poison!

  20. Karl Von Boldt writes:

    Preference? Hydro or Methycobalamine?

  21. Srishti Mahant writes:

    Freelee, is it less effective to take B12 supplements in the form of pills?
    Like the ones you get from a health store, such as Holland and Barrett? Or
    are the injections really the best way?

  22. inetuse writes:

    Vitamin B12 is found in most animal derived foods, including fish and
    shellfish, meat (especially liver), poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products.
    I guess you can’t get everything from fruit.

  23. meeper meep writes:

    its a vitamin comparing that to meth is pretty silly 😛 might want to at
    least use google before going spouting silliness Vitamin B12 is required
    for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells,
    and many other parts of the body best of luck

  24. Lara Frei writes:

    When there’s a statistic saying that 50% of people are b12 defficient (or
    whatever other statistic for that matter), it means that this has been
    deducted from a sample that 50% of ALL of the population is defficient. So
    saying “that’s only the people tested” doesn’t really make sense. I don’t
    expect for you to be a statistician, but if you are going to quote data
    please do it accurately.

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  26. Kristian Niss writes:

    “appetite suppresants”?.. Why? The more appetite you have, the better. You
    don’t get fat by eating too much food, but by eating unhealthy food or

  27. Иван Иванов writes:

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  28. Dr. Shel Wellness & Medical Spa writes:

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