Day 35 – SkinnyR Website and Graph Of My Weight Loss To Date

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Hi and welcome to day 35. I am happy to report a weight loss of 0.3Kg ( 6/10’s of a pound) since yesterdays weigh in. That brings to 7.7Kgs (17 pounds) my to…
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7 Responses to “Day 35 – SkinnyR Website and Graph Of My Weight Loss To Date”

  1. Cathy S writes:

    Tim, I have NO IDEA why this is working for you and not for me~ I weighed
    again today and the EXACT same as always! I actually cried this morning out
    of frustration. My husband is 6ft2in and weighs a lot less than me (i’m
    5ft6in) and he eats carbs all the time and eats 5 times more than me…at
    least~ It is just so frustrating. Yesterday I had two green salads with
    watered down blue cheese dressing, 1/2 cup chicken salad I’d made. Then
    celery with cream cheese. That is it. arghh

  2. Tim Buchalka writes:

    Good thinking, diary can be a cause sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tim Buchalka writes:

    Sorry to hear it Cathy. I think you might have an issue with not eating
    enough. Since you have got nothing to lose, try UPPING your calories and
    see what happens. I really feel 1000 calories is not enough. This is NOT a
    diet to be limiting your food intake. That said I would also recommend you
    sign up to my fitness pal as well and TRACK your calories and specificaly
    your ratios of fat/protein and carbs. You dont appear to have a ton of fat
    there. Give it a go !!

  4. Candace Selph writes:

    If the fat/protein ratio isn’t the issue, I’ve heard mentioned in my low
    carb/keto groups that some people are also sensitive to dairy. That might
    be something Cathy could look at, try cutting out dairy for a few days and
    see if that is the problem.

  5. Tim Buchalka writes:

    Yeah I liked the graph when I saw it, it really put things into
    perspective. Regarding the cheesecake, I decided on a crustless one and
    made that but didn’t take pictures. I am going to try out that other
    cheesecake recipe as they is way to many people saying how awesome it is
    for me not to give it a go ! And this low carb “fad” has only been around
    since the 1920’s lol – So yes once you start looking there really is a ton
    of information out there, including recipes! Pretty cool.

  6. Nicole Wiese writes:

    You’re definitely not eating enough! You need more protein (but not too
    much) & a variety of veggies, the body needs nutrients. I have bulletproof
    cocoa in the morning (boiling water mixed with 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder,
    cinnamon, a dash of salt, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 tsp truvia, 1 tbsp coconut
    oil &1/4 cup heavy cream. Lunch is a salad with avocado & meat & olive oil
    vinaigrette, dinner is lots of raw or cooked veggies & fatty meat & sauce.
    All are unlimited portions & I eat slowly until I’m full.

  7. sjagain writes:

    There’s something very motivating about seeing results on a chart. The
    scale is one thing, but it really only shows you’re current progress, not a
    history of how you got there. By the way, did ya ever make that cheesecake?
    I just finished a big bowl of the best low carb chicken soup.
    naturallylowcarb(dot)com/?q=node/215. I was starting to find it difficult
    to be creative with my meals, and was surprised to find so many low carb
    recipes online. I guess this “fad” is bigger than I thought! haha

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