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CYCLING FOR WEIGHT LOSS VS RUNNING FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Which one is better? Well if your overweight then you simple CANT run with out really getting injured. So for anyone to recommend and overweight person RUN is folly. Thats what is so good about cycling. Cycling for weight loss is the…
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24 Responses to “CYCLING FOR WEIGHT LOSS OR RUNNING FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Which one is better?”

  1. RedChicow writes:

    Cycling is sooo sooo much fun. Agree with Harley that you cannot categorise it as exercise.
    Just get out on the bike for 2-3 hours on a Sunday morning with a couple of mates and talk about any old shit, smak talk each other on the hills/descents, enjoy being outdoors and the view. Time flies too fast and before you know it 2000-3000 calories have been invested in your health.

  2. waynedanjoe writes:

    Hi Harley was wondering what you think of dr.robert morse I think the two of ye should somehow get together and blow this world up on would be unstoppable 🙂 ….

  3. chuckMvideos writes:

    Sonney’s 7 works well too.

  4. chuckMvideos writes:

    it’s probably detox, you’re pushing all that crap out, keep going! i got dandruf, smelly skin and sweat, and itchy scalp the first month or so. never had it before, haven’t had it since. in my oppinon, if the skin is doing something different than it has before, that means the nutrition is reaching it, and the skin is the last reciver of nutrients in the body. consider adding aloe, or chia seeds to your diet to aid in toxin removal. you’ll ‘pass’ more of it out instead of just thru the skin.

  5. chuckMvideos writes:

    thank you for the reply, i bring up rebounding because its a zero impact exercise on the joints, detoxes and exercises every cell of the body at the same time, builds bone density, activates the lymphatic system and helps to flush it out, strengthens the 1 way valves of your veins (preventing vercos veins) good cardio, and does two more thing few other exercises do….tightens up loose skin from weight loss and tones the viseral tissues of the core and internal organs/glands.Best indoor fitness!

  6. jackidoe1 writes:

    I have been suffering with plantar facitis for the past year, now I know why I been running toooo much. I am shopping for a roak bike now to get in my cardio. THanks, I am sure easing up on the running will end a lot of suffering for me.

  7. joe6dotcom writes:

    I believe the most accurate way is in the lab. However, I have found this really neat site that allows you to approximate your VO2Max. Google for “Vo2max estimate with heart rate” looking for the result with shapesence_dot_c om. I don’t know why Youtube does not allow me to give this in a easier way. I did the step test at the gym the other day.

  8. AnnNoire writes:

    Got a question. What about swimming? I’m fat and not in shape, but I want to train for a future triathlon, so cycling, running, and swimming are my aim. I’m using an exercise bike and working on transitioning to raw vegan.

  9. internetjunkie1981 writes:

    lol true, man you got some great come backs!

  10. durianriders writes:

    You have to be thin AND in shape. Even then it takes around 5 years of running training before one can really bang out the miles.

    Look at Lance Armstrong, he ran his first marathon slower then a 60 year old women I know. He had won 7 TDF’s though. He said the marathon was harder than a TDF! lol!

  11. durianriders writes:

    Sounds boring to me but if you really enjoy it keep it up. 🙂

    Its about doing what we enjoy and what we can maintain safely for life.

  12. durianriders writes:

    How many people can run at 85% of MHR for an hour? Only elite athletes can. You have an elite engine if you can maintain that out put. Simple as that. Your chassi might be too heavy for your motor but the motor is elite athlete material.

  13. durianriders writes:

    Its the lifestyle man. High carb, low fat vegan fruit early nights positive attitude train and race with a garmin 310xt, race in brooks green silence and take advice from some of the best runners and coaches on the planet.

    Im looking forward to seeing how fast I can run when I up my training over the next 5 years.

  14. durianriders writes:

    Fish = methyl mercury, b12 depleting pin worms, cholesterol, saturated fat, radioactive pollution and zero ethics. Sure you could eat floating gold fish from the pet store each morning but you would still get cholesterol, uric acid and metabolic waste poisoning that your liver and kidneys have to deal with. Not to mention the diseases that fish had prior to death.

    Fish = cat food. If we want fish breathe and potential brain damage then fish should be on the menu. Look at the oceans. Raped.

  15. erwancompes writes:

    The best way to measure it is to push yourself to maximum effort and measure your respiratory exchange ratio. Go to your local university sports science department and enroll in a study. I’m doing this at the moment. Free, consistent and accurate. 5-km time trials in the lab, maximum power output test, etc…I’ll make a video about it soon 🙂

  16. dooomstarks writes:

    Durian could you do a video on the positives/negatives of fish as a food source. You seem to focus your vegan lifestyle on comparing it to meat consumption lifestyle(beef, chicken, pork) but i havnt seen a video where you give your opinion/compare the vegan lifestyle to fish

  17. jackidoe1 writes:

    @joe6dotcom, whats the best way to measure VO2 Max?

  18. joe6dotcom writes:

    Off the charts VO2Max he says

  19. joe6dotcom writes:

    Rowing is great but the problem is you can’t do it as long or for as much time as running or cycling which means less calories burned per day. Try it for yourself, row and get your heart rate up to 120 BPM and see how long you can do it. Then get on your bike and get your heart rate up to 120 BPM and see how long you can do that.

  20. zelda127 writes:

    Hey I need some advice! I’ve been vegan for 2 months. These past 2 weeks I introduced loads of more fruit into my diet and got rid of ALL fatty foods. So I eat bananas, oranges, brown rice, potatoes, and quinoa essentially. I’ve gotten loads of new pimples and my face reminds me of how bad it was when I still was on the SAD diet. I’m 20, 130 lbs. and 5 ft 6 inches. Is this detox? Why am I getting so much acne? I play soccer for exercise about twice a week if that matters. Thanks 🙂

  21. rawfoodnoob writes:

    Get an Elliptigo for the best of both worlds, if you can afford it. I can’t. 🙁

  22. jackidoe1 writes:

    Harley, I am very confused at how you got to be such a fast runner without running at least 45 min a day. Good video brother.

  23. BayAreaHypnosis writes:

    Love your vids but you don’t have to be an elite athlete to burn more calories jogging per hour than cycling. I just ran 5 miles in canyons with a lot of hills and my fitness watch is clocking me at 832 calories for 59 minutes at average heart rate of 85% of maximum heart rate and I think it’s because I’m heavier and had to work harder.

  24. somethought writes:

    You just want to create a gang of raw vegan cyclists. That’s what you’re doing here, eh? Well I’m already working toward it. We could call ourselves the Banana Benders.

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