Cross Training is a Great Metabolism Booster

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Cross Training is a Great Metabolism Booster

When you step onto a scale and you see those numbers staring back at you the first thought to cross your mind is “I’m fat.” But body weight alone is not the end all and be all of whether or not someone is fat. Of far more greater importance is body fat percentage. Men whose body fat percentage gets up above 15% or more are considered to be entering the realm of obesity. For women this percentage is anything over 22% body fat. The first thing that crosses many people mind at times like these is they have to do something drastic to lose the weight. While losing excess body fat is good step in reclaiming a healthy body, going on a crash diet or some from of intense exercise regimen is not a good idea. A slow and steady approach that is enjoyable is the best course of action for anyone attempting to shed extra pounds from their body. One of the best ways to begin to get into shape and is a great metabolism booster is cross training. The idea behind cross training is to break the boring monotony many people feel when they are doing the same exercise routine over and over again. Many people have trouble staying focused when it come to exercise programs. Because they are doing the same exercises for weeks on end they tend to lose the desire to continue on in their quest to boost their metabolism. Cross training allows for the integration of diverse movements or different exercise styles into a persons existing exercise program. This not only keeps their mind fresh but it also helps prevent overuse of particular muscle groups. By changing the route of the individuals exercise program they will see greater gains in both fitness and increased metabolism levels. The great thing about cross training, besides being a metabolism booster, is that it has a variety of benefits when it comes to fitness and fat loss. It helps strengthen the cardiovascular system including the heart and lungs which can help reduce blood pressure and lessen the chances of heart disease. There are three basic areas of a good cross training program: 1. Cardio Exercise is the best metabolism booster one can do in a cross training exercise program. This can be any number of exercises that raise to heart rate to 70%-80% of maximum for 20-40 minutes. Walking, jogging, bicycling and swimming are good examples of these types of exercises. 2. Weight Training will not only strengthen and tone the body but it is another metabolism booster not only during the workout itself but also after the workout when the body repairs and rebuilds the muscles affected. 3. Stretching and mobility exercises to help prevent joint and muscle injuries. While in and of itself not a big metabolism booster stretching will help keep the body flexible and ache free to allow you to get the most out of your workouts. Cross training is not only the perfect metabolism booster it is also a great way to stay interested in your exercise plan because it can change as time progresses. You can work in different exercises and routines and keep the boredom factor at bay. In fact if you keep at a cross training regimen you may eventually so enjoy what you are doing that it will become a life long habit that will reward you with a long and healthy life.

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