Coconut water fast day 10 and I FEEL GREAT!

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25 Responses to “Coconut water fast day 10 and I FEEL GREAT!”

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  7. Khadhri Khan writes:

    You look perfectly healthy to me. Good luck in your journey!

  8. Julian Garcia writes:

    I love your Videos. I have done a 40 day fast and a 65 day water only fast so i know how it goes. But been thinking about Coconut water. Do you remember how much coconut water you where drinking per day? thanks man, i actually started fasting from seeing your other videos, so i also posted some of my own! thanks for inspiring me!!!!

  9. dansdansetanz writes:


  10. yubraj bajracharya writes:

    It would be a shame for you not to melt fat when these normal people lose weight  easily using the Skinnimaker Diet (Google it).

  11. Rose2gard writes:

    just tried Coconut water! yum !!

  12. eat smart writes:

    cool beans!!!!!!!!

  13. bharz writes:

    “You have to fast until Satan and his demons leave your body.”

  14. angelanima1 writes:

    very cool eccept the God bit i would have expected him to be smarter than still be into that one

  15. Harhika mzn writes:

    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when normal people accomplish it so easily with Blazing Fat Loss (Google it).

  16. WorldTruthSociety writes:


  17. WorldTruthSociety writes:

    There’s 40 day water fasts and my aunt has personally done it to cure her blood disorder disease! GO DAVE!

  18. Jennifernoel Mitchell writes:

    love love love you!

  19. Lala Patakar writes:

    I have never had more than a 2 day fast. I love fasting though. I should really try yours. Some years ago, I noticed my heart beat was beating really fast for some days. I felt weird about it. But then I did a 24 hour fast with no water even and I instantly felt a reduction in the heart beat getting back to normal.

    I am gonna go try a coconut fast brother! Thank you.

  20. Jessica Bach writes:

    How do you know when you reach the “complete healing”?

  21. Jessica Bach writes:

    Come regenerate my family!

  22. LoveIsDanswer1 writes:

    My only advice is to be balance in what you do. Don’t go to the extreme as I see some do.

  23. LoveIsDanswer1 writes:

    Preach it brother!!! 

  24. LoveIsDanswer1 writes:

    funny how ppl don’t get alarmed when ppl are throwing down those chicken, fries and God knows what else that’s unhealthy, but as soon as you’re doing something great and healthy, ohh nooo, you’re going to die LOL, interesting!!!!

  25. Jordan Lyons writes:

    I laughed at you too, fool.

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