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  1. paiyouji4ucom writes:

    visit wwwpaiyouji4ucom free shipping worldwide

  2. lourox20 writes:


  3. NENE279 writes:

    you are so verry wrong. Cortisol is a stress hormone. When you are stressed you make it. When you work out endorphine is released which is same thing thats released when you are happy, you laugh or u have sex.. Cortisol is also the reason you accumulate fat on ur belly. Please don’t give ppl wrong info

  4. ChaaiNiiro writes:

    I always knew that stuff about tea, I just didn’t know how it worked! Thanks for explaining it!

  5. therealMADgenius writes:

    be aware of jingtea, they really ripped me off. when i ordered li shan for 50 g they send me one tea and when i ordered 250 g they send me absolute crap….totally different tea, totally different leaf quality and tea.. total rip off be aware

  6. MrRyguy69 writes:

    Thanks, Dr. Tea. I think you should be in a Woody Allen movie or something.

  7. MrRyguy69 writes:

    L-theanine also relaxes you greatly, kind of like nicotene, but obviously, a lot healthier.

  8. raigekimaru writes:

    no my friend. you probably have not had a good one then. oolong tea has to be very high quality and brewed just right to be good, but when it’s done right, oolong is AMAZING.

  9. NangSaoVe07 writes:

    i just ordered a month’s supply of the oolong tea yesterday. some say you can loose up to 10 lbs in 7 days!!! how true is that? and there are so many sites out there for this tea…how do i know i am getting a good quality one??

  10. getinfiteasily writes:

    Lose Weight easily and natural ! Guaranteed results Check out my profile for more info

  11. mrsliow writes:

    Oolong tea is not as tasty compared to other flavours but since it is good for health maybe I could give it a try.

  12. cmcil writes:

    Also when you work out really hard (ie spinning) your body makes a hormone called Cortisol, which is an aging hormone. You haveto make sure you up your antioxidants to slow this down.

  13. lesha1122 writes:

    did the oolong wu yi tea work for you friends??

  14. HashyBee writes:

    Hey sorry I see you do have that episode 😛

  15. HashyBee writes:

    Hey. I love your vid. Awesome work.
    I love tea. I’m planning on doing a series on anti-anxiety tea mixes. I’m a huge fan of this mix: Valerian, skullcap, lemon balm, passion flower, hops, peppermint and lavender. 🙂

    Can you do a show on Ooolong?
    Otherwise called Wu Yi by marketers looking for a buck. I have 2 friends that are starting to use it.

    Excellent show so far!

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