Can Hot Dogs be Healthy? Sauerkraut and Yogurt, Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

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Can Hot Dogs be Healthy? Sauerkraut and Yogurt, Health Benefits of Fermented Foods In this video, Stacey talks about the health benefits of sauerkraut, yogurt and other fermented foods. She discusses the biology and science behind lactofermentation and how it used to preserve foods. Fiber, protein and other nutritional components are more easily used when they come from fermented foods. They also contain probiotics which promote health and wellness. She talks about how the avergage Anerican diet of refined sugars and grains is actually worse for health. Refined foods are empty calories that contain no real nutrition and are quickly turned to fat in the body. If you eat better, you will feel better and this video discusses why you should add fermented foods to your diet. Fitness, health and wellness depend on good nutrition. Related Videos Top 10 Best Foods Top 10 Worst Foods Visit Stacey online at: This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. fermented fermentation probiotics food foods psychetruth nutrition weight loss diet wellness fitness health tips empty calories hunger nutrient dense obesity “weight loss” processed yogurt sauerkraut sowerkraut straight from the vine stacey straightfromthevine hot dog “hot dog”
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50 Responses to “Can Hot Dogs be Healthy? Sauerkraut and Yogurt, Health Benefits of Fermented Foods”

  1. PureTrimWeightLoss writes:

    Thanks much for this.

  2. TheDeepPenetrator writes:

    The commercial available Saurkraut in supermarket had been Pasturized and Cooked to hell! All the probiotics inside the cabbage is practically dead.

    Not only that, the commercially available saurkraut may not be fermented enough, to complete the fermentation, saurkraut must be fermented for at LEAST 3 weeks, or 2 months for the best result.

    The commercially available saurkraut not only they had been pasturized, the fermentation process is incredibly short. They’re nothing than salted cabbage!

  3. Eberhard Keller writes:

    Hey, has anybody here used Gallactico 324 Diet (google it) , one of my co-workers lost tremendous amount of excess fat using Gallactico 324 Diet, however wanted a consumer review before opting for that.

  4. ThisIsNotPictureTube writes:

    good info. need to remember…  has to be fermented

  5. MoreGrievances writes:

    You said you would answer questions and you answered NONE so far 3 days later. Great job psychetruth.

    To those watching this don’t bother responding. Questions will be ignored.

  6. adsicks writes:

    Be careful, with claims like this or the FDA will confiscate your products thinking they are ‘drugs’…

  7. DoJaenin writes:

    Well I’d like to see *you* talk about sauerkraut proteins in a flashy way.

  8. thebeat911 writes:

    is she reading off something?

  9. mythtree writes:

    LISTEN! It;s worth it! I almost moved on, due to the monotonous delivery & I thought I knew the content BUT I did NOT KNOW all that about the sauerkraut. I knew that kraut was good, but I didn’t know all that why, & that all krauts are not created equal!

    Actually I think false krauts should be called simply cooked cabbage!

    There should movements to encourage consumption & increase awareness about true krauts vs. posers.
    IRONICALLY this did NOT go into the similar issue with faux yogurts.

  10. amberview30 writes:

    Fruits and vegetables are filled with a sugar like fructose. When you eat any carbohydrate your body releases insulin to process the sugar. Eventually the body becomes insulin resistant. It’s best to eat a balanced diet which would include meats and fish.

  11. thebeat911 writes:

    I felt asleep

  12. Jason Davis writes:

    You are describing the food pyramid.. which is fine.. but I really do not care what people eat or how long you live depending on what you eat.. everyone’s body is different and some of the oldest people that lived ate simply rice and fish..

  13. hunthicks writes:

    eating a diet with meat, especially lean meats is perfectly healthy. A balanced diet with tons of vegetables, fruit, healthy grains, greens, chicken, fish, shellfish and red meat(red meat probably once a week or so) is perfect for a human being.
    Meats provide iron, B vitamins and proteins that are different from other sources which make for a healthy diet. The thing I’ve noticed about the diets of my relatives living into their 90s, fresh meat and veggies, little processed!

  14. phfrankh writes:

    Hotdogs, don’t taste very good on their own for a reason! That’s why many people load it down with sauces and spices. Not to mention the fat content ,level of nitrates , cholesterol and sodium. Yum, yum!

  15. captvanhalen writes:

    “Ok Listen, it’s not a forum, yes its public, but it does not encourage anyone to do anything”

    One thing is for sure, you constantly replying to me only encourages me to respond back. Again, go without food for a few days and tell me how little nutrition organic meat has. Organic meat is very nutritious for humans.

  16. Jason Davis writes:

    Ok Listen, it’s not a forum, yes its public, but it does not encourage anyone to do anything.. the only reason its public is because Youtube hasn’t come up with the idea of private commenting.. oh! and I don’t care what the video says, because I did not watch it. haha I really don’t care what you say.. I find it amusing that You are still continuing this but I’ll let you have the last word since you are being an idiot by putting up quotes, real cute btw Meat has little nutrients 😉

  17. captvanhalen writes:

    “I commented for the person who posted the video not You”

    You commented in a public forum which not only allows, but also ENCOURAGES others to speak up and correct overly stated and comments broad generalizations that are simply half truths at best, such as the one you made. Your only defense is ad hominem attacks. Sorry, but meat is nutritious — perhaps not as much as vegetables, etc. and certainly not as humane. But ORGANIC meat is nutritious and healthy. It is just a fact.

  18. Jason Davis writes:

    Who ever Loves captvanhalen’s comments thumbs up! He/She or whatever iT is.. thinks they are clever.. but very very ignorant..

  19. Jason Davis writes:

    I commented for the person who posted the video not You, Can you bend that around your ginormous head already? Oh sorry it’s still going around I’ll have to wait a few days for that to catch on.. LoL

  20. bluelove33 writes:

    Good topic, but this woman is so boring and monotone. She almost seems pissed off.

  21. maciexp writes:

    sorry for writing a story …

  22. maciexp writes:

    for now i quit SSRI few months ago
    i eat only olanzapine once per 2 days ( trying to quit )
    and clonazepanum because when you take this olanzapine bullshit you need to take clonazepanum you just must

  23. maciexp writes:

    but most off all i need to bring back my good sleep , i am not thinking about life , lifes to hard :[ when you sometimes cant even get up from bed :/

    i wonder when this DRUGGING and torturing and poisoning people will stop will it ever stop

    sometimes i wish rather be dead than life through my life 🙁

    although for 7 years i was manic now i think i am depressed because i quit SSRI but i think also that i have so hormonal problems

  24. 87solarsky writes:

    Of course lactic acid-containing Sauerkraut is beneficial. That’s the only type of Sauerkraut sold and consumed here in Germany – I eat about a pound of Sauerkraut per month. It sure freaks me out every single time 😉

  25. maciexp writes:

    several during those ten years but for very long time Olanzapine 5 mg, paroxetinum (SSRI) , clonazepanum 0,5mg few times only if i cant stand myself and for a period of time there was lots of different like rispolept and even haloperidol but only one shot , i dont even know if the damage is not to big to LIVE furder
    standard doctors bullshit
    now sometimes i cant even move my arm or leg , my brain ,… uhm i dont know if it is still there

  26. MsHcGGirl writes:

    funny but I just watched 2 of your vlogs! lol I love stephsuniverse! Keep me posted!

  27. Ashanti Naantaanbuu writes:

    Oh I don’t vlog I’m trying to so busy decided I will just let my son help me awful with gadgets and I decided to go with what stephuniverse did the mini reload I’ll let you know the results and I’ll try again to vlog with sons help

  28. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Congrats on the great stats! Just noticed I wasn’t subbed to you. Got that fixed! Good luck now! (Btw, YOU SHOULD NOT BE HUNGRY! Reevaluate your dosing, TOM, ovulation, or things you added in or changed)

  29. MsHcGGirl writes:

    I do not believe I did many correction days on P2. Be careful with that! I normally waited til the 3rd day staying on the same number. Good luck with the yogurt or egg day. Most people love them.

  30. Ashanti Naantaanbuu writes:

    Oh and I lost 30lbs in the first round I gained 8 loading (3days) so including that I’ve lost 18 in all its vlcd21 and im hungry this round no cheating though am I doing ok and any suggestions

  31. Ashanti Naantaanbuu writes:

    Hey this its ashanti I’ve watched all of you vlogs over and over I’m in r2p2 I have been stalled. I’ve done fat fast and steak days and nothing. I’m going to try this fage day and egg day how many days in a row can I do it

  32. Linda Dillon writes:

    OK, thank you!

  33. MsHcGGirl writes:

    my opinion is only personal regarding exercise on P2. I did NOT do well at all with any exercise so I stayed away til P3. IF you are doing it and having weight loss still, dont worry what I did. Everyone is so different. I cannot give you advice on more protein or not. There are others on here who did exercise on P2. You should ask them. GOOD LUCK!

  34. Linda Dillon writes:

    Thanks for the info. I’m just starting, I’m on VLCD 3. Just curious since you’ve done a lot of rounds, what is your thought of fairly intense exercise on P2? I’ve been doing it right along so it isn’t new. Do you think just adding in more protein will be enough? Thanks for your help. 🙂

  35. MsHcGGirl writes:

    thank YOU! :))

  36. GretchenCarlson writes:

    So so awesome. I love your attitude and telling it like it is. And yes, you are ROCKIN’ that shirt, girl! Thanks for all the wonderful information!

  37. MsHcGGirl writes:

    that’s too bad. :(( Most do 5 servings of nuts on P2 not going over 500 calories. small amounts. MAC nutz that is.
    I have not ever gained back after a correction day.

  38. dawnydmc writes:

    Hi MsHcGGirl,
    Thank you for the information. I have not tried a nut day, can you send me the directions for the nut day. I love nuts! By the way, I tried the fage day and I lost 1lb, but gained it back the next day :(.

  39. kate37ta1 writes:

    Yes, I did throw away the fage 0% . However, after watching your vlog I went and bought some more…lol. We’re having a birthday celebration tomorrow and I used 1/2 cup of the fage 0% to make my own “ranch” dip to have with cucumber slices and also 1/2 cup to make a dip with toffee stevia for my apples. I’ll have that with my one wasa for lunch. It’s a total of 271 cal, 45 carbs, 26 prot., and 0 fat. I’ll let you know how it goes…(((HUGS)))

  40. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Interesting that Yogurt works so well for most. Makes you wonder the science behind it. PROBIOTICS?
    YAY for more subbies! Congrats! LUV YA!

  41. MsHcGGirl writes:

    YUM! that sounds AWESOME!
    Thanks for the compliment & comment! HUGS!

  42. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Did you throw away the 0%? IF so, that was a mistake! lol U can replace a meal with that. Great protein. Tks for the support and kind words! HUGS

  43. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Hey anything for YOU gurl! HAHAHA! Luv ya! Ur the best!

  44. MsHcGGirl writes:

    I love those too! Thanks for the comment!

  45. MsHcGGirl writes:

    thats too bad about your camera shyness! Good luck with restarting Hcg!

  46. MsHcGGirl writes:

    thanks so much for the support! HUGS!

  47. MsHcGGirl writes:

    np….I figured it out. :))

  48. MsHcGGirl writes:

    FULL fat or 2% on P3 (FAGE). U shud NOT go over 1200 calories for P3. Most people add berries as flavoring and call it a fat fast day. Some also add the HEAVY whipping cream on P3. REMEMBER…P3 only what I just wrote. Good luck! Also, Did you ever try a NUT FAST DAY?

  49. MsHcGGirl writes:

    yw! thanks for watching!

  50. DEBBYRN1 writes:

    I’ll have to try Fage sometime. Sounds like most people have a lot of success with it. Good job!
    I got a new subscriber who says she found me through you. So thanks for the shout out!

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