cabbage soup diet or fast weight loss methods?

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Question by nads: cabbage soup diet or fast weight loss methods?
I am currently breastfeeding about 4 times a day and I was wondering if I can go on the cabbage soup diet..I know mothers who are strictly breastfeeding can’t. My son is 6 months old and is already on the bottle and solids.I currently weight 230 pounds ,need to loose 80 and need to do it fast. Already tried weight watchers and other methods of weight loss and know I should only lose about1-3 pounds a week but I don’t have that kind of patience. I know all the lectures about gaining it back faster and being unhealthy but I don’t care. once i see quick results I will get motivated to keep the pounds off in a healthy way.i am very depressed over this issue and don’t want anybody to leave me negative comments or answers that i am not looking for. any fast weight loss tips would be greatly appreciated. no diet pills and I cannot afford to join any fitness centers .
thank you

Best answer:

Answer by kayla m
to lose weight u need to eat right and have a workout plan 5-6 days a week.u have to want it.
***try this u need to change ur diet.
eat six times a day. ea of ur 3 main meals needs to combine a lean protein such as chicken breast ground turkey turkey bacon egg whts also combine that with a complex carb such as a baked potato or sweet potato wild rice brown rice oatmeal or girts. also add fresh fruit and vegies to lunch and dinner. pick fruits low in sugar like pears and berries. if u get canned vegies get ones with low sodium. eat every 3-4 hrs keep ur metablism moving.
***also the most important part is WATER drink at least 64oz. no soda or juice. water will curve ur cravings.
u need to hit cardio 3-4 times a week running outside it great workout if u can hit a gym and cardio machine is great at least 30mins***
also add weight/strength training 3 times a week.u can google free weight traning guides anywhere. its not hard to find things for free.
***plan ur meals ahead of time.always have a healthy snack with u so u wont be tempted to eat fast food. also if u wait to late to eat u will get so hungry u will eat the world. make time to work out start out with 30 mins then increase.its ur body treat it right. ur diet alone can help lose weight but working out makes ur body look good. shows muscles and tight skin which is sexy and beautful. stick with it ur body will amaze u!!! to be healthy and look great u need both in ur life. good luck email me if u have further

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2 Responses to “cabbage soup diet or fast weight loss methods?”

  1. Dr. Maritz writes:

    Do NOT go on these starvation diets or “fad” programs. Most diets these days will actually cause you to gain MORE weight in the long run.

    I suggest you use a natural system to help you lose the weight you want. Check out:

    I recommend it because it’s an all-natural and permanent solution and was rated #1.

  2. 4JESUS writes:

    This is the fastest (healthiest) but not the easiest.
    First off, DO NOT take diet pills. They can do some serious harm to your heart. Plus they don’t work & they’re a waste of money.
    Here’s what you do for quick weight loss plus you will feel better:

    Cut out all breads, pasta, cookies, cereals, crackers, chocolate, sweets, icecream, cakes, pizza, all fast food etc…basically anything made from flour & away from sugar. They are all called simple carbs. They are carbs which leave us hungry for more & that’s what makes us fat. Go on a “gluten free” diet…You will lose weight & not gain if you’re careful to eat correctly.
    We need to have complex carbs. (fruits, veggies, salads, protein.) Have lots of fruits & veggies.
    If you want a snack like crackers or something…go buy gluten free rice cakes from health food store. Snack on 1 or 2 a day. The only sweet you can have is maybe a tbsp of honey on a rice cracker. Just don’t have more than one.
    Also you can buy gluten free flour from the health food store & make your own bread.
    Make sure you have ahead of time (like night before) cut up carrot sticks to munch on the following day. You can put lemon on them for more taste.
    Avoid cold cut meats. No ham, sausages, mortadella, salami, pepperoni, etc…If you can, stay away from dairy products…believe it or not:dairy makes us fat too…like a cow.
    By doing this…you will lose lots of weight.
    I’ll give you an example of what to eat okay.?

    breakfast: 1 banana & 1 kiwi or orange
    cup of coffee or tea (no milk or sugar)
    drink 2-3 glasses of water

    lunch: grilled chicken or turkey breast(portion should be the size of your palm) w/ some lemon squeezed on it…mmm I like lemon
    romaine lettuce salad, tomato, grn onions, grated carrot, radish & whatever other green you like in there. Dressing should be balsamic vinegar or wine vinegar w/ olive oil.
    stay away from ketchup, mayo & bbq. sauce

    or you can have stir fried veggies w/ rice…also very good. You can eat rice but not pasta.

    snack:14 walnut halves or 20 almonds
    a fruit
    lots of water
    some tea

    dinner: hamburger or fish w/ brocolli or spinach
    you can have 1 or 2 rice crackers (or save them before bedtime)
    lots of water
    cup of chamomile

    before bed: pray to the Lord to help you lose weight. To give you self control. Keep asking until you receive. The Lord hears you & loves you.

    The secret to success is to be “organized & committed”.
    You should have your salad, greens & veggies washed & cut up the night before so it’s ready to eat for lunch the next day.
    Make sure you have bought all your ingredients/food the day before.

    Take a multi-vitamin & calcium every day.

    It’s not impossible to do…just believe you can do it.

    Don’t forget to exercise, drink lots & lots of water & you will see results.

    A nice site is
    they have a calorie counter, fitness tracker, exercise videos.

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