Boosting metabolism through eating many small meals throughout day- does it still work if…?

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Question by Yahoo! Answers: Boosting metabolism through eating many small meals throughout day- does it still work if…?
Does it still work if instead of eating food for some of the meals its a liquid like juice? My body would still be burning calories so would it change anything?

Also does anyone know how long it will take before my metabolism is boosted?
I’m a 17 year old female who only exercises around 3 times a week and thats 30 mins of walking each time
Also I’m 61 kgs (132 lbs) and 177 cm tall (5’9) if any of that matters

Best answer:

Answer by NightFury
Juice with something else like nuts or cottage cheese would be good… juice alone is just liquid so it wont work!! A protein shake would due to the protein and other stuff in them. MAYBE if you had juice and increased the intensity of your workout? that will defo work 🙂

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4 Responses to “Boosting metabolism through eating many small meals throughout day- does it still work if…?”

  1. D.E. writes:

    well, it works only if you are eating equally small(in calories) portions each meal and if the intervals are going to be very precise. and the total amount of calorie intake is not smaller than the minimal calorie intake for your weight, which means that you can’t try this together with any other diet. and you would have to skip all kinds of sodas – basically if it bubbles, it’s not for you. oh, and almost forgot – as minimum 2l=8 glasses of water a day, as minimum a glass of water between every two meals
    and you’ll start seeing the results in no sooner than a few months, and they’ll last only as long as you stick to “the diet”

  2. Henry W writes:

    drink lots of water
    , yes it helps, especially if the juice is drinked slowly

  3. doll collector writes:

    Boosing your metabolism is not the key to reducing fat and staying that way.
    Best way to reduce fat is to cut out bread and anything that contains wheat flour
    and potatoes (sweet potato is ok)
    cut out sugar and no carbonated (fizzy) drinks no diet soda
    Drink water or herbal teas instead.
    Eat natural foods with lots of fruit vegetables and protein.

    to tone up I like kettlebell exercises you can do them anytime and they dont take long so you can do some every day easily

    check out these kettlebell exercise videos to see what its like

  4. A Crawling Chaos writes:

    This is a common dieting misconception. Meal frequency has absolutely zero Impact on your metabolism. The only thing we can do to affect our metabolism is by increasing or decreasing our lean muscle mass (or by taking various supplements / chemicals). The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism.

    Eating small meals is recommended when dieting because eating small meals frequently will help maintain insulin levels. Maintaining insulin levels will curb over eating. This in turn will help reduce your weight through calorie restriction.

    So how long it takes you to lose weight comes down to how much of a calorie deficit you are creating. Your exercise program is very mild at best and so any weight loss on that exercise plan will primarily be determined by how many calories you consume.

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