Boosting Metabolism?

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Question by Ella H: Boosting Metabolism?
What everyday food help boost metabolism….What other ways do you suggest boosting it

Best answer:

Answer by curiosity_cant_hurt
eating more often BUT in smaller portions.
also about 15 minutes muscle exercises (not cardio) boosts it, such as small weights, sit ups etc


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7 Responses to “Boosting Metabolism?”

  1. rowhe r writes:

    i hear chili or any other spicy food is a good metabolism booster but don’t take my word for it. one way to boost it though is through exercise. your body will get used to burning up your fat that even during periods of rest your body is continuing to burn up fat. plus one extra kilo of toned muscle can burn up an extra 50 calories

  2. tellmebabyx3 writes:

    drink a glass of water with 6-8 drops of lemon juice or coffy every morning.. that boosts ur metabolism, but i prefer the lemon juice drops instead of the coffy. coffee isnt healthy for u.

  3. smeagol_jr writes:

    green tea, exercise

  4. MyBrainsOnFire writes:

    spicy food, caffeine, exercise that brings your heartrate above 100 (do this in the early day–NOT before bed), eating small frequent meals below 250 calories (healthy meals please) adding up to a healthy caloric intake for your weight, building lean muscle (muscle will constantly burn calories thus boosting metabolism) by establishing a light weight lifting routine between aerobic activity- you can even lift cans of soup or do isometrics (using your own body weight AS a weight) =)

  5. chief_eagle_wing writes:

    Increase your B vitamin intake. Try B-6 and/or B-12 in a small dosage. There are other ways also. Try the link below.

  6. Sonya writes:

    I have heard that spicy food speeds up the metabolism so enjoy a bowl of chili, add jalepenos to your sandwich, or add spices to your meals.

    Eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day (about every 3 hours) is also a good way to boost your metabolism, and it will give you more energy. Exercising regularly and drinking lots of cold water are also helpful ways.

  7. popeye writes:

    Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Onion, Horse Radish. I use the first two.

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