Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

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metabolism boosting
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Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

What many people don’t know is that the body’s metabolism can be affected by what we do—and by what we don’t do. This includes not only how active we are and how much muscle we have, but also what we choose to ingest. Given these facts it is important to realize that we can actually have the power to change our metabolic rate simply by making healthy lifestyle changes.

If you’ve spent the last few years complaining that you simply have a slow metabolism and therefore can’t seem to lose weight without starving yourself, keep reading. Below you will find some simple ways to boost that sluggish metabolism of yours and to keep it functioning at optimum levels.

1. Eat breakfast. Yes you’ve probably heard this one a thousand times but that is because it is true. Starving yourself actually slows down your metabolism. A lack of food is interpreted by the body as a threat of starvation. The body thus slows down trying to protect the stores of fat it already has. This is why yo-yo dieting can wreak havoc on your system.

And this advice also goes to for skipping meals. Beginning your day with a healthy cereal, a hard boiled egg, or some yogurt and fruit will go along way to giving your metabolism a head start on the day. If the body can get used to eating in the morning and feels it will be fed appropriately, it will not need to keep clinging to that fat it’s been storing for a rainy day. So eat up and help your body to let go of that long unwanted belly flab.

2. Get more protein. Protein is essential to keeping your body fed and is essential to weight loss. Rather than foregoing protein rich foods such as eggs, nuts, lean meats and the like, these should be eaten alongside your greens. Filling up on empty carbs is the culprit when it comes to metabolic dysfunction.


Proteins are released more slowly in the body as they generally take longer to digest. As such, your body is full longer and doesn’t have the ups and downs that come with insulin spikes and rises. Choosing protein over empty carbs, or sugary snacks, will ensure a healthy and well maintained metabolic rate throughout the day.

3. Add natural metabolic boosters. Some components and nutrients have been scientifically proven to help boost metabolism. Green tea is just such a metabolism booster. Adding in green tea to your day or opting for a good green tea compound is therefore a terrific idea. On top of all this green tea is a cancer-fighting nutrient, a heart disease reducer, and a general weight loss tonic. So while you’re replacing your morning latte with a healthy breakfast, try a little green tea pick me up as well.

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Well need we say more about this? Obviously, upping your exercise quotient will inevitably boost your metabolism. Weight lifting especially, can help you keep your metabolic rate at a high.

It is a proven fact that the more you move the more your metabolism will keep moving with you. So build those muscles and keep your workout schedule at the gym and you’ll be sure to be burning those calories as fast as you can count them. When you exercise your body continues to burn fat at a higher rate throughout the day. So you’re benefiting not only while you pump up, but for hours afterwards as well.

5. Natural supplements. Natural metabolic boosting supplements can be a great way to give your body that edge you need to lose weight and bulk up at the same time. Metabolic boosting supplements contain important ingredients proven to help raise the metabolic rates.

Most of these function by way of thermogenic ingredients that slightly increase the body’s core temperature. When this happens than metabolic function is increased. Increased metabolic function means more calories are burned naturally and easily without much in the way of effort or energy expenditure. So if you’ve been suffering from a slow or reduced metabolic function, giving your metabolism a boost with a good quality supplement might be just the thing you need to get your metabolism raring to go.

Taking a few of these suggestions and adding them to your day can make all the difference between losing weight and gaining it. By boosting your metabolic function with these all natural tricks, you can eat more and still lose weight.

Remember that you have the power to boost your metabolism should you decide to. Instead of complaining that you are destined to be afflicted with a slow or sluggish metabolism, take some of these tips and see how much of a difference you can make. Weight loss and maintenance can be much easier when you and your body are working together.



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