Boost your Metabolism

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20 Responses to “Boost your Metabolism”

  1. nickelwindow53 writes:

    @1448pling1448 So after a long run can you eat what every becuse your metabolism is so high?

  2. dreaminginnoother writes:

    so what about diet pills that usually have as their main ingredient massive doses of caffeine? Does it not boost your metabolism? Or does it just kill your appetite and make you feel nervous and jittery?

  3. KaylaSwga writes:

    She is so sexy and Russian women

  4. marshhen writes:

    This was not helpful at all.

  5. zillypaul writes:

    Brad on your short ‘water fasting’ vid you say diest soda is fine. Come on… DONT recommend GARBAGE!

  6. cfoster517 writes:

    hey man I looked at this for the first time today and was wondering if this is related to BFFM (burn the fat feed the muscle) by Tom Venuto. I was following that. I just want to look more into this. Can you tell me any more information before buying the product? Is there any difference between this and BFFM besides fasting and of course your books way shorter. Thanks

  7. spursman38 writes:


  8. 1448pling1448 writes:

    I am not from the US, I excuse my poor spelling. I hope you´ll excuse your rudness.

  9. spursman38 writes:

    @1448pling1448 i dont tend to listen to people who cant spell .

  10. Digiscat writes:

    youre helping slow the rise of fat ppl in america 😀 you own

  11. Drum1203 writes:

    You have a fast metabolism then.

  12. MonkeyBoy2194 writes:

    I have a slow metabolism. I eat twice as much as most friends but weigh like 4 or 5 stone less. I like that though. 😀

  13. bradpilon writes:

    muscle-work protein breakdown is a large component of your metabolic rate.

    And typically the degree of tiredness after a workout is directly related to the effort of the workout and the metabolic rate during that period.

  14. 1448pling1448 writes:

    Mhhh…After a marathon the exhaustion comes from the exercise, muscle work-brake down, inceased heart rate… not entierly from the higher metab! A good example is that after stopping the work out your metabolism will be quicker for some houres…but u whon´t be sweating or be exhausted.
    A small metabolism increes in limited daily time periods is healthy i think, but of course not through the junk they sell these days:) drink espresso for a metab boost or eat ginger!

  15. bradpilon writes:

    Hi 7Deadlysins,

    It is a common misconception that a high metabolism means having lots of energy. It’s actually a play on the semantics of the term energy.

    Being ‘energetic’ or ‘full of life’ has nothing to do with a person’s metabolic rate.

    I hope this helps,


  16. jhbossman writes:

    well 7marte83, based on my life xperiences, alchohal slows metabolism. Last year I was not permitted to drink for 5 months, due to the medication I was on. I went from 220 to 175. Then I was off the meds, started to drink again and now I am somewhere in the 195lb range..

  17. iwantmyxboxback writes:

    yea that was life changing..

  18. suncar557 writes:

    after I saw this I never looked at head titles that include “metabolism” the same again 🙂

  19. 7marte83 writes:

    one question: I’ve heard alcohol messes with your metabolism. In what way? The day after drinking alcohol one sometimes have a higher heart rate, and feels tired all day.. Does that mean alcohol “boosts the metabolism” or is it just that one is tired from the poison alcohol is? (sorry for my bad spelling and grammar, I don’t write english very often)

  20. keytoothed writes:

    Makes a lot of sense.

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