Bodybuilding Frozen Berry Protein Yogurt

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How I make yogurt fat/sugar free for South Beach diet

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34 Responses to “Bodybuilding Frozen Berry Protein Yogurt”

  1. Rudy Hassen writes:

    Try peanut or almond butter instead of the protein powder! Sneak a spoon of puree`d pumpkin (not pie filling!) for an extra treat. Cinnamon is good too.

  2. PureTrimWeightLoss writes:

    good job!

  3. IVomitOnYourGod writes:

    Great Captain America t-shirt.

  4. TheIntiman1 writes:

    i use kesella,and everybody has different taste

  5. AveIvy writes:

    This is awesome! Thanks.

  6. Garr3tt76 writes:

    This is a good video and healthy snack, I appreciate you making this video!

  7. angellinegirl writes:

    looks yummy!

  8. julianz209 writes:

    is this good for breakfast lol?

  9. UnborN91145 writes:

    I really never seen greek yogurt in serbia,but thanks 😀

  10. RazzleFunDazzle writes:

    Greek yogurt is not really like any other yogurt out there. Greek yogurt is strained three times more than regular yogurt, so it is much thicker, and greek yogurt tends to be much healthier, and has lots more protein than regular yogurt. It tastes great! Don’t get that Yoplait greek yogurt, it’s bs! Get either Chobani, Oikos, or Fage. They’re the only true greek yogurts, and they have only natural stuff in them, unlike yogurt.

  11. UnborN91145 writes:

    whats greek yogurt???

  12. dinesh viji writes:

    Hello, have you thought about the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look it up on google). My buddy says it helps people live longer.

  13. Mahmudul Huq writes:

    Hey, have you wondered this plan called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (do a google search). My dad says it helps people feel great. Thoughts?

  14. James Dawson writes:

    it tastes good

  15. superhuman501 writes:

    1:08 to 1:13. What’s that box behind the processor. It looks like a milk box for me!

  16. george diaz writes:

    I think they same about the yogurt

  17. Michael Liu writes:

    Greek Yogurt tastes extremely nasty, but i brought it because of its high protein.
    I didnt know it tasted so bad so i use the recipe to make it taste better.

  18. Moaad Ganaiem writes:

    each time i have a craving for something i just check your channel =)
    Thanks Tho

  19. OfclXolace writes:

    Cheesecake please.

  20. 19Bloodhound94 writes:


  21. Raedwulfiggie writes:

    I appreciate all the recipes, they are all great..but…surely most of you guys have figured this out for yourself..I mean it doesn’t take a genius to think to add some fruit and yogurt with some protein powder in a blender?… =..maybe it’s just me

  22. RealspitHiphop604 writes:

    this is so funny i make this everyday out of intuition just not blended XD try putting a bit of cereal at the top it tastes great

  23. cz2314 writes:

    This looks awesome I can’t wait to try it.

  24. Krystal-Lee Cooper writes:

    Hey iv’e been looking everywhere for easy high protein/low cal recipes for my weightloss. OMG! I have never wanted to buy so much greek yoghurt! Thanks soo much for all your amazing recipes!!

  25. VerconyGMS writes:

    hey i want u to make some good recipes for weight gain high carb and calorie foods please for bulking

  26. ddmmt9 writes:

    this is genius!

  27. 666zlatan666 writes:

    great vid. its too they are too fucking stupid to replace sugar with artificial sweetener in store flavored yogurts.

  28. gnzlzbutterfly writes:

    Thank u I like this a lot

  29. delicatelilflower88 writes:

    just put hooney in plain fatfree yogurt

  30. Kaytlin Schipper writes:

    Because aspartame is so much better than corn syrups. -____-

  31. biker666girl writes:

    Thats awsome ^^

  32. iloveshawnu writes:

    Can I start with phase 2, I can’t do phase 1

  33. Melissa56967 writes:

    Absolutely, after phase 1 is over (it only lasts 2 weeks). During phase 1 they haven’t introduced fruit yet, but after that, I think the real frui makes yogurt taste WAY better. Especially mango! lol

  34. rpgjko writes:

    Great job with this video 🙂 do you add fruit to the yogurts too?

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