best type of laxative for weight loss?

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best laxatives for weight loss
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Question by prettivacantx: best type of laxative for weight loss?

Best answer:

Answer by Endorse Freedom
It’d be much healthier to go by the South Beach diet. Using laxatives for a diet will likely harm your system and do more bad than good.

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4 Responses to “best type of laxative for weight loss?”

  1. Goadzo writes:

    Laxatives don’t make you lose weight, only diet and exercise does. However, a lot of the weight our body carries is water and using an osmotic laxative will dehydrate you and you can temporarily lose weight when you are dried out. It’s not fat weight though, it comes back when you rehydrate yourself and staying dry isn’t good for the kidneys.

  2. ny writes:

    Pills or liquid, herbal or otherwise, laxative abuse is a common form
    of “weight control” in people suffering with Eating Disorders. The use
    of laxatives as a way to lose or control weight is not only dangerous,
    but irrational. The actual purpose of taking a laxative is to
    stimulate the large bowel to empty, which occurs only after the food
    and it’s calories for energy have been absorbed through the small
    intestines. Essentially, a person taking laxatives to control weight
    is only going to cause their body to lose fluid, which can
    potentionally be followed by periods of water retention and an
    appearance of bloating (causing the sufferer to want to lose more
    weight and ingest more laxatives). The reason people suffering from
    eating disorders seem to lose weight while taking laxatives is because
    in most cases they are increasingly watching calorie intake and
    restricting food consumption, inducing vomiting, and/or compulsively

    Continued laxative use can cause bloating, cramping, dehydration,
    electrolyte disturbances and imbalances, cardiac arrhythmias,
    irregular heart beat and heart attack, renal problems, and death.

    Phenolphthalein, a popular ingredient previously found in many brands
    of laxatives has now been recalled by the FDA (Food and Drug
    Administration, United States) due to studies indicating that it has
    been linked to cancer.

    Withdrawal symptoms can be expected in stopping the use of laxatives
    after a continued period of using them as a “weight loss” method.
    These include, abdominal cramping, mild to severe constipation,
    bloating, mood swings and general feelings of fatigue and “feeling
    sick.” In less severe cases the symptoms will usually subside in about
    2 weeks, but in cases where a person have ingested handfuls or more
    laxatives on a regular basis, it may take longer and require medical

  3. Miss !nformation writes:

    Castor Oil is the best. Also, eat lots of Oats and Butternut squash

  4. Pepper writes:

    Everything that’s been submitted that says, “Laxatives don’t cause weight loss!” is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

    That being said…
    Keep in natural. A tablespoon of psyllium husk is an excellent choice, but it tastes rather unagreeable.
    Traditional Medicinals makes an herbal laxative tea called Smooth Move that is gentle, effective, and tasty. A little bit spendy, but it should last you for a long while.

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