Best Teas For Weight Loss As Seen on Dr. Oz

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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27 Responses to “Best Teas For Weight Loss As Seen on Dr. Oz”

  1. PureTrimWeightLoss writes:

    this video is amazing

  2. sawon rahman writes:

    @John David have you seen the video
    on belly fat loss By Dr. Charles
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    Simple go to this website to watch the video
    Check It……..

  3. Noha Badr Esawy writes:

    Green tea in the mornings & afternoons, And Hibiscus tea (+ sugar/ sweetener) with it’s fruity taste will help with the night cravings. Both are cheap available teas everywhere. There is also the ginger & lemon mix, as well as cinnamon.
    I never tasted or knew any of these “herbal” beverages he is talking about.

  4. dtharap writes:

    Hello, have you seen Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Fat Blast Lifestyle, you will discover how to melt fat fast.

  5. Randy Cawley writes:

    Thank you for sharing this video! I’m on my weigh loss journey, and I’ve lost lots of weight, a very good tip; drink a lot of water, this is not a myth, water will clean all your system and in this way it work better therefore you’ll process better the food and the food won’t become fat.
    I’m following a very good weight loss program right now, if you’d like to know it go to my profile and you’ll see it on the description.
    Now I’m looking for a good exercise program, which one do you recommend?

  6. OldWorldNewAge writes:

    That tea guy is so hot. I drink organic whole leaf white and green tea, regulary.

  7. jaer sosa writes:

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  8. charakageeth writes:

    If you have been trying to lose weight, you should google the Skinnimaker Diet. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  9. DC K writes:

    Awesome ***

  10. DC K writes:

    Pu erh

  11. Eeveefan100 writes:

    i love white tea speicallly with honey and i only used subtitute sugar instead of the real sugar

  12. IsHiNe98 writes:

    White tea is really good isn’t it?I’ve heard that white tea is the krill oil of teas. What i mean by that is Green tea is fish oil of green teas and white tea is the Krill oil of teas… FAR more superior.

  13. Cassondra Conrad writes:

    I have heard of this before, does it actually work?

  14. ChrisLuckenbaugh writes:

    or…you could just exercise.

  15. Stephen S writes:

    it may be a little picky but chickweed and bilberry are really classified as tisannes not teas. Only products that come from the camelia seninsis plant are technically qualified to be called teas.

  16. StephStayed writes:

    – Only one brand of these tea’s a day? Not all four?

  17. o0lindsay0o writes:

    A lot of teas are fermented. Pu-erh is just fermented the longest. If you want tons of EGCG try Matcha.

  18. redroselove802 writes:

    wow that cool…i want know what name tea best for weight lose??

  19. giddybitty writes:

    exactly. and at 2 cups daily for each tea, amounts to a lotta revenue on their side.

  20. Divisionik writes:

    Green Tea is just as good, but the thing is that you have to drink more cups than these teas like in the range of 5-8 cups.

  21. bananaberrybutterfly writes:

    Oh Ive been eat healthy for few years but when I started drinking any tea just rooibos tea with blueberry flavor I did see less tummy bloat

  22. oskieord21 writes:

    A real  professional salesman.

  23. alanadavis32 writes:

    Who can really afford these teas?

  24. BASSIST214 writes:

    the way that they described pu erh tea made me buy it..and they said it doesnt need sugar which is a lie it taste like tree bark boiled in water .

  25. Tina Bush writes:

    Green tea I’ve read that it will help you lose weight but from all of the studying I’ve done, you need to drink about 7 cups a day. But good news, buy Matcha green tea, 1 cup equals 10 cups of regular green. I drink it and white tea because it rids the body of antioxidants, especially the white. Last week I overate horribly (double stuff oreo’s) in 5 days, plus other stuff. I was drinking my matcha and fearful of putting on my jeans because I just knew I would not be able to fit them.

  26. J Bain writes:

    You want loose leaf or the tea cakes. Never the tea bags. 

  27. Torie1250 writes:

    I just bought a box of pu~erh tea bags from my local Health food store. I can’t wait to start my new tea regimen . Thanks for the insight . I hope I’m fortunate to try the aged tea cake in a cup one day . I love tea . Now i have experienced a fat burning Tea 🙂 ……..death to DIET SODA haha!!!!

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