Best Laxative to take to drop body weight (waste)….URGENT?

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Question by : Best Laxative to take to drop body weight (waste)….URGENT?
I would like to know the best laxative to take to drop body weight fast. I am currently in a challenge (weight loss) and I need to lose some extra body weight for this. I realize its ‘not healthy’, its not actual weight, diet/exercise is the only way to go…trust me I KNOW about healthy diets and exercise. I’ve lost 67 pounds and I’m just stuck and need to do something EXTRA to help me lose a few pounds. What laxative would you use to help MOVE things a long….or colon cleanser?!?!? PLEASE no lecturing, just straight answers only to my question. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE…it is MUCH APPRECIATED. 🙂

Additional Details:
Ok….So I do not PLAN on using the laxative for a long period of time…Just this ONCE. I’m not USING it as a means of a diet…just want to clean out my system/waste. I will ONLY be using it for 2-3 days. And as I stated above…please no lecturing, I know that its not a cure all, that its unhealthy to use as a diet and its not actual weight that I’m dropping. I appreciate all answers but BEING that I am only using it for a short time (2-3 days)…I don’t see the problem with it. AGAIN….unless you have an answer for me please do not post. THANK YOU!!!
Forgot to mention that I’m doing it for weight loss competition and we weigh in Monday…that is the only reason..JUST trying to bring in a good number. 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Unconditional.
I feel you 🙁 I stalled too and had to resort to milk of magnesia… TMI? lol

But yeah, the pills cause ALOT of pain for me, so I use the MoM, it’s gross, but it works and it’s painless. A bottle of it costs like, $ 2 bucks so it’s not expensive either.

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5 Responses to “Best Laxative to take to drop body weight (waste)….URGENT?”

  1. JB writes:

    The problem is that its not only unhealty to use it to diet… colon cleanses are PSEUDO-science not based on any actual biological knowledge and are completely unhealthy in any situation period. Laxatives (not colon cleansers) are safe only during cases of prolonged constipation, otherwise neither should be used just for the hell of it.

  2. Kristine R writes:

    Thats not really going to do a lot. The people who get/stay skinny from laxitives abuse them over a long period of time. They binge eat and then purge it my taking a crapload of laxitives to have it pass through them too quickly to digest well. So if you are just doing it this once or whatever I dont think its going to do a lot for you. If you are stuck and need an extra kick, see if you can get phentermine to control your appetitie and go grab some Alli to take with your food. Then go on a jog.

  3. OOOPPPSS!!! writes:

    If your stuck on a plateau and aren’t losing anymore weight using a laxative isn’t the answer unless you’re about to have a weigh in or something like that because you only really lose water weight. If your not eating very much this could be why your stuck up your amount of food by a couple of hundred calories for a week or so and then drop back down again. This should restart your weight loss.
    If you’ve been eating too much why don’t you try a week long detox program that should help clear out your body.
    Google detox programs to find one you think you can do.
    I don’t recommend using laxatives!

  4. ChemoAngel writes:

    It doesn’t. Sorry. You won’t lose diddly-squat.

  5. Karen Campbell writes:

    I’ve only been attempting to lose weight over a relatively a short time and those initial stages have been hard! Perhaps that is because I hadn’t really adopted a sound plan therefore the whole process appeared to be going kind of slow for me! A few weeks ago a friend of mine recommended I try The Diet Solution and I must tell you that even though it’s only been four weeks or so and I have just lost a mere ten pounds, the fact that I now have a plan or guideline to follow is really a great motivator! My confidence has been totally elevated and I am thoroughly enjoying the process because I can see tangible results!

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