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50 Responses to “Best Fruit for Diet and Weight Loss | Healthy Ways to Lose Weight | Good Ways to Lose Weight”

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  26. Superlancashire lad writes:

    How on earth am I supposed to listen to what you have to say when theirs
    that awful awful racket in the back ground. It’s a Nice video, when you
    lower the volume. 

  27. Dena Jones writes:

    Thank for making it so simple

  28. Jennifer Wickwire writes:

    the music was annoying and distracting – just loud enough to compete with
    what I was trying to hear you say – I bet it was a good video

  29. JimmyVan Jolly writes:

    I’m 600+ pounds and been trying to lose for 35 years. I eat some green
    vegetables daily but not 7 to 8 serving every day, hardly ever RAW!!!
    After watch several of your FitLife TV videos on YOUTUBE I’m more motivated
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  30. Ly Kri writes:

    ISince you make a juice, why not juice the skin of the mango, too? Also,
    try this: After you make your juice, pour it into a larger glass and then
    finish filling the glass with kombucha and let it sit for a few hours. You
    will be amazed at how good it tastes.

  31. GREGORY BEARD writes:


  32. Nick Reynolds writes:

    I feel that this wouldn’t taste so good by putting it in a blender and not
    a juicer. All that leafy chunky stuff. I may be wrong. I’m hesitant try it
    also because my blender is really cheap and probably wouldn’t look as good
    as yours. Has anyone tried it?

  33. Luisa Green writes:

    That looked so refreshing ..Thanks Las Vegas

  34. Svein Arne Grønnevik writes:

    Why does ruminants always mix facts with myths and plain lies? You need
    more than 50Kg of spinach to get 1 kilo protein! Do you want to eat 20 Kg
    of spinach or other green leafs a day… ;-)

  35. haydn4ever writes:

    New to juicing. What is the purpose of the distilled water? Also, I’m
    trying to lose about 40 pounds. Is that juice drink with all that fruit a
    substitute for a meal? I’m assuming so, since it probably has around 400
    calories. btw, I LOVE your video. I’ve listened to so many others and
    they spend an hour saying what you so brilliantly say in 7 minutes! Great

  36. sarah coffey writes:

    I love mangoes! And berries. Kale I love as well (:

  37. Sanam Bhandari writes:

    Copy and paste into Google Skinnimaker System and you will find out how
    particular foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  38. rybell writes:

    what kind of blender do you have

  39. Shane Ngcwabe writes:

    Thanks man, this is gonna help with my dieting, Just a little question;
    What is the song thats playing in the middle and throughout the video,
    “Lets get rich… you and I…” ??

  40. AyJay Nicole writes:

    Lol the random singer made me look around like I left the radio on hahahaha
    – Great Vid :)

  41. SANDEE D writes:

    Drew I love the videos…oh how I love all your videos… I’m juicing, I’m
    getting healthy, my mind is more rejuvenated since I started following your
    juice recipes and fitness for life advice…. but PLEASE PLEASE
    PLEASE…the background music is driving me up the wall. sorry..cant
    tolerate the music while trying to watch and take in all that you are
    sharing…please drop the music and its so LOUD.

  42. Regina Powell writes:

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  43. aliyahclark81 writes:

    Comparing the blender vs the juicer, which would give you more nutrients? I
    was thinking the blender is better because it use all of the fruit n
    vegetables but I was thinking the juicer would cut down how thick it comes
    out by removing the pulp.

  44. TIKTOKtherapsinger writes:

    I’m drinking a green drink while watching this-i love malva

  45. Jacob Delgado writes:

    how many times a day green drink


  46. faiz fuad writes:

    put wet kitchen cloth under the cutting board. it’ll help the board to stay
    in place. moving cutting board is rather dangerous.

  47. Craig Roller writes:

    I am just starting to get into juicing and blending, I have only been doing
    it for about a month. I can see in just this short time that it will help
    me. Keep up the good work, lose the music.

  48. Saroj Manandhar writes:

    They laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with Fat Blast
    Factor, but then they saw the results. Do a search on google for Fat Blast
    Factor to see their reaction.

  49. forallthings11 writes:

    I agree about the music — it is hard to try and focus on what you are
    saying. Drop the music during your video.

  50. Marco Polo writes:

    has anyone tried fl pak? I see many people commenting about it here on

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