BEN & DAN OUTDOOR TRAINING pt 2 – 100m and 50m

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The bodybuilder faces off against the fitness model and personal trainer, as Ben and Dan test their speed and explosive power on the track. Dan the bodybuilder has the muscular power, Ben the personal trainer and fitness model has the genetics and athleticism. After their 200m runs against the clock, the guys go shoulder to shoulder on the 100m track to see who wins. Then it’s alternate 50m sprints, with short rests in between, all designed to raise the metabolism and boost fat burning. Their next video will be tyre flipping, followed by an abs circuit, as these guys push each other to the limits. Train with Ben at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to “BEN & DAN OUTDOOR TRAINING pt 2 – 100m and 50m”

  1. nbandy3 writes:

    how long did you guys rest in between the 200m and 100ms?

  2. gonzastian writes:

    @gonzastian I do not know what it means, I did not put anything rude. I repeat that I speak Spanish and use the google translator.


    @gonzastian the wick? not sure what that means, but hope it’s not rude !

  4. gonzastian writes:

    (sorry if misspelled as I am using a translator because I speak Spanish) I guess the bald is the bodybuilder, because the hair has a lot less tired so I figured that having hair is the fitness and the fitness is a more aerobic work and is more trained in the tilt (the heart) and respiratory. You marked his body is more I think also the product of fitness. But do not understand why the bald guy was moving the wick and the other not.


    @Adgang123 to be fair, Dan won in the novice category. But he’s currently bulking up over the winter, so we’re sure he’ll be back bigger than ever next year. You can also see a couple of training videos featuring Dan on this channel, which will give you an idea of the hard work he’s putting in.

  6. Adgang123 writes:

    @STORYOFSHIRTLESS Nice but they both looks like fitness models to me =)
    That’s not negative but, in my head a bodybuilder is way bigger than any of those two.


    @Adgang123 the one who’s the BNBF Southern Champion

  8. Adgang123 writes:

    Lol, who is the bodybuilder? xD

  9. ThomasJKH writes:

    Dan is the man!!!! =)

  10. TangleWoodTail1 writes:

    Great video,I’m sold!

  11. HotSexyHandsomeGuys writes:

    About as hot, sexy and handsome as guys can get!

  12. Kitty8Tim writes:

    Great work guys, looked tough!! 😀

  13. racethetube writes:

    Now that’s how real men should look!!! Ben has the perfect Jacob Black physique!!

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