B12 shots update, mic L-carnitine weight loss

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New regimen, b12, phentermine, chromemate, & diucaps. How I feel from them…. I’ll update in a few days.
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25 Responses to “B12 shots update, mic L-carnitine weight loss”

  1. Mark Arehouria writes:

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  2. Rina Rai writes:

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  3. Mark Foley writes:

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  4. john lee writes:

    nice eye shadow :)

  5. Max powers writes:

    U’re an idiot ! B12 and all those pills won’t make u lose weight ! Common
    sense would !!! ^^

  6. Mrjaysaba writes:

    You look like Kate perry seriously you are sexy girl

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  10. Anton Vitorski writes:

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  11. MemorableJ writes:

    No I went away on vacation for a month and pigged out lol

  12. Natnice writes:

    Do u find the b12 helped you loose weight ??

  13. neoautism writes:

    Hi there About B12, if I may – there are few forms of it. You should opt
    for Methylcobalamin B12, AKA Methyl B12. It’s way better then any of the
    other forms of B12. About the B12, I hope you already had the chance to
    read “Could it be B12” book. If not, there is a video by that name on
    youtube, as well as “Vitamin B12, Anyone?” video which is a much longer
    interview with the author. PS Your yellow is cool 🙂

  14. SEXCIAUSSIE writes:

    When you go again can you buy and i will send you money, or buy via ebay
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  15. MemorableJ writes:

    That’s the kind it is. I was going to make an update vid but have to
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  16. Dan M writes:

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  18. hammerpower100 writes:

    go vegan

  19. mrsthetruthexists writes:

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  24. ChelahVega writes:

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  25. Girigorie100 writes:

    Girl your beautiful. Comfortable in front of camera too. Just lift weights
    u dont need weightloss! Your makeup is flawles except that yellowL you have
    awesome eyes! They do not need highlighting! Or s smoky eye! Thought i add.

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