are there any fruits that are BAD for weight loss?

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Question by *I* *Dont* *Know* *My* *Name*: are there any fruits that are BAD for weight loss?
and if so please name them. and what are the best fruits for weight loss?

Best answer:

Answer by darkstar
no i dont think so. just dont eat to much of 1 specific fruit

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7 Responses to “are there any fruits that are BAD for weight loss?”

  1. Dan writes:

    I don’t really know of any fruits that are bad for weight loss, but I heard that blueberries are great for weight loss because they help burn fat.

  2. h writes:

    I believe low sugar fruits are better for weight loss – berries, berries, berries!

  3. Jennifer writes:

    No fruits are bad but my personal trainer advised you should only eat two a day as they have natural sugar which if you dont work out the sugar will turn to fat like normal sugars

  4. chez fez ;D writes:

    Try to keep away from fruits with medium to high amounts of sugars, raspberries, cranberries, rhubarb, vs fruits very high in sugar tangerines, cherries, Grapes, figs , etc. I’m not saying avoid them, but definitely keep those fruits more towards breakfast time.

  5. Thor is a loving God Too. writes:

    Fruit juice isn’t good for weight loss, unless you blend the whole fruit to keep the fibre. Fibre slows down the absorption rate of carbs, thus reducing insulin spikes (which lead to fat storage and hindered fat burning). Apples are one of the bests fruits for fat burning. Any more than 2 pieces of fruit a day isn’t going to help with fat loss (fructose is a simple sugar and it gets converted to glucose in the liver). You are better off to eat way more veggies and limit your fruit intake, especially if you eat them in a meal with other carbs because too many carbs in one meal is going to get stored as fat. This goes for all calories, but especially carbs (fruits are carbs). Good fat burning carbs are oatmeal (not sugar filled instant), yams ,sweet potatoes, all veggies, whole grains and brown rice. A good rule of thumb is your carb portion should only be the size of your clenched fist. The most important thing you can do to lose fat and keep (fat burning) muscle, is eat protein and good fats with all of your carbs (meals). There are too many reasons to list why that works in your favor to burn fat, so lets just say that all super lean bodybuilder eat like that for a reason. That’s how you keep your body in fat burning mode 24 hour a day.

  6. Xeon writes:

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  7. Bush Tucker writes:

    Yes avoid Durian

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