Anyone have any ana tips or tricks?

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Question by Tierra D: Anyone have any ana tips or tricks?
help im in dier need of ana or mia tips and tricks. i do however prefer ana tricks and tips rather than mia tricks and tips but whatever you have is fine. thank you.

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Answer by L&B
Strip all your bed sheets and wash them.
Do some dusting around your place.
Clean out your computer of unwanted files by doing a disk clean-up and a disk defragment. Your computer will run better and faster.
Get a couple programs called Ad-Aware, plus Spybot Search and Destroy and scan for adware components. You don’t want that stuff on your computer.
Do a free online virus scan at to make sure your system is clean.
Check online for security updates for your software. Better safe than sorry.
Exercise, exercise, exercise. It’s good for you, keeps you fit and moving burning unwanted calories.
Listen to upbeat music and dance around.
Watch TV, but place the remote control far away. This makes you get up when you want to change channel, ect.
If your sitting, twitch your leg. Might as well burn calories while you sit down too.
Play a musical instrument. (For me it’s guitar … I’m terrible but I still play it.)
Design your own thinspirational or pro-ana site. It’s actually quite time consuming, fun and it teaches you a skill.
Find songs that relate to ana/mia.
Burn a thinspirational cd.
Make a list of your goals and how/when you want to have them acheived by.
Try out a new hair style.
Exfoliate your body. (Must have very warm shower for this to open your pores.)
Give yourself a make-over.
Have a cool shower.
Go through the song section and download the songs, then burn your own thinspirational CD.
Keep checking back into this site, join my forums and post. (Lol, I know … cheap pop.)
Do an online research of your favorite musician, and join any Yahoo groups that might be around on this musician.
If you don’t already get a Yahoo account and enjoy the benefits like free e-mail account, messanger, groups, games, ect.
Get AOL instant messenger, then chat with others.
Unsure about a piece of information reguarding weight loss / metabolic rate, ect.? Do an online research to make sure your information is as accurate as possible.
Make your own journal, writing down goals – food eaten – calories burned – weight lost – thinspiration pics – motivational things, and such.

Brush your teeth. Get a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste set and use it often. A clean minty mouth can make the thought of eating less attractive. Also, if you brush after every meal and every supposed meal, it’s less obvious whether you’ve eaten or not.
Take a shower. Hot steamy water can suppress the appetite, in me at least, and paying close attention to your body will serve to remind you exactly why you’re losing weight in the first place. If you feel clean you may not want to “dirty” yourself with food.
Fidget, take up a new hobby, find something to focus on. Find something with which to distract your hands and / or mouth. Chewing gum works for many people, but check for calories. Sewing or stringing beads is good, detail-oriented and monotonous. Keep yourself occupied.
Exercise. Find something you love to do and do it. If, like me, you’re too self-conscious to exercise where people can see, then do it when you’re alone at home or in a locked room or other safe place. Make it interesting. The best I’ve found? Dancing. Find music you love, cover the windows up, and don’t even think about what you may look like since there’s nobody to see. It’s a lot of fun, and it helps you get more familiar with your body as well.
Find triggering pictures. You have internet access, I know you do. When you feel like eating, pick an actress or model that you think is particularly beautiful and search for pictures of them … or for pictures of people you find particularly ugly and fat. It’s a slow, involving process and for me at least a great way to avoid eating.
Take a nap. A lot of people think they’re hungry when really they’re just tired. Also, drink water, since thirst can make you think you’re hungry as well.

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