Anxiety & Depression : How to Lose Weight While Taking Antidepressants

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To lose weight while taking antidepressants, be aware of weight gain side effects and increase your exercise. Lose weight on antidepressants with help from a…
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10 Responses to “Anxiety & Depression : How to Lose Weight While Taking Antidepressants”

  1. beardmatthews writes:

    What if you’re already exercising HARD 6 days per week and still gaining
    weight like me? I am binge eating carbs like a cow on steroids and I can’t
    control myself because of these goddamn drugs! The guy in the video is a
    fucking patronising dumbass with no qualification to speak on the matter!

  2. youcallthataswing writes:


  3. Ruth J. Delavega writes:

    Get most of your energy just before noon. Research discover that the more
    you take in in the morning, the less you’ll eat in the evening. And you
    have more chances to burn off those early-day calories than you do to burn
    off dinner calories. Check out this website to learn more:

  4. k77able writes:

    @res340 That is so true!

  5. Andrea Baharin writes:

    Yeah its not always as simple as that!! I gained weight from celexa and no
    diet and exercise would budge it!!

  6. daisylee168 writes:

    This guy is an idiot! It doesn’t even address the fact that those that have
    depression have low motivation! It’s not as easy to just get up and
    diet/exercise. This a mental issue and telling to think about whether they
    need AD or does not make a difference!

  7. R S writes:

    @k77able Lets see, I was 229 pre AD and in 3 months after taking them I was
    248. I didn’t change my diet or excercise program. I decided to up my
    excercise and eat less….. gained more weight. Then it just happens that a
    few months after stopping AD I start to lose weight. So with all do respect
    sir…. Go shove your diet and excercise program up your rear end and stop
    giving people false hope that they can overcome the weight gain because
    they can’t with ssris.

  8. R S writes:

    This guys nuts. AD make excercise and diet to be IRRELEVENT.

  9. lizzy liz writes:

    you insult me. how are you supposed to be a doctor? i feel like crying
    watching this video. psychotropic/antidepressant drugs can change
    motabolism, blood sugar, brain chemistry and appitite. YOU try loosing
    weight only using diet and exercise while taking medication. it doesnt
    work. a total waste of my 2mins.

  10. Taras Shumilev writes:

    Hello! I’m David.I did -20 lbs last two months.Go to

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