alpha lipoic acid weight loss, alpha lipoic acid supplements

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25 Responses to “alpha lipoic acid weight loss, alpha lipoic acid supplements”

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  7. 321Trooper writes:

    Thanks, great info.

  8. Sunny Leone writes:

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  9. Evan Garrett writes:

    is ALA just for weight loss? or could i take it while bulking up?

  10. thatswhatisaidyeah writes:

    I love ALA. Miracle supplement with no side effects. Just makes you
    healthier, look and feel better…

  11. TheZen213 writes:

    @ jimmy thanks alot. Really appreciate it

  12. yadav Adhikari writes:

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    can bearly hear your vid. need to fix that . my laptop speakers maxed out.

  14. sajjad zaheer writes:

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  15. Jimmy Smith writes:

    @EvanPwnsYou I take it year round. Great for bulking because it helps to
    minimize fat gain.

  16. Rakib Hassan writes:

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  17. Johnny Fierce writes:

    ALA gives you awesome skin… and you have beautiful skin..your sexxy

  18. Jimmy Smith writes:

    300-600 mg’s per day is fine

  19. islam saad writes:

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  20. Yura Voronko writes:

    Well.. .I did -25 lbs last 2 weeks.Open

  21. TheZen213 writes:

    @ jimmy thnks alot. GreAtley appreciate. I was wondering if you rate l
    carnitine? I was thinking bout getting some and taking it before cardio
    days only. Whats youre oppinion thanks in advance

  22. Forsaken thrtyfor writes:

    DUDE WTF THE END IS SO LOUD…. good vid tho

  23. TheZen213 writes:

    Jimmy. When should you take these pills and how many times a day.

  24. Clayco Clutch writes:

    Good Info Jimmy i like the soundtrack at the end its make this video seem
    like the health news.

  25. Jimmy Smith writes:

    @TheZen213 I take a minimum of 600 mg’s per day. Research shows up to 900
    mg’s per day for glucose balance, antioxidant benefits and vitamin C/E
    enhancement. Start at 300 mg’s per day with your carb meals.

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