Aloe vera and cinnamon for weight loss!

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I added aloe vera and cinnamon to my diet to help me lose weight. Aloe vera helps you eliminate and cinnamon increases your metabolism. I am also thinking about joining Weight Watchers. for free fat reducing recipes Cinnamon to control blood sugar in diabetics. Cinnamon provides thermogenic qualities of which briefly increase your current metabolic process, making it less difficult so that you can burn up fat without too much exercise. Nevertheless, fat can be particularly relevant to your current abdomen spot. Weight reduction can be an overall process of which impacts your entire physique. Analysis implies cinnamon may help lessen your cholesterol quantities and forestall the occurrence of diabetes — a pair of conditions that may be linked to morbid obesity. Stop diabetes, Stop high cholesterol, learn about foods to lower high blood pressure naturally.
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21 Responses to “Aloe vera and cinnamon for weight loss!”

  1. glorify100 writes:

    Hi NappyBeauty! i was just wondering what aloe vera you used to help you lose the lbs, the plant or the juice and how much of each did you use? thank you n God Bless! your format either way is Gr88888!!

  2. 4cardiog writes:

    thanks for sharing the tips. keep up the great work. My focus to lose weight this is eating clean food. but i agree weight watchers is a great plan. i had some success with it many years ago, and they seem to keep improving the programs. i’m feeling like just eating clean is not enough, and like the idea of going with a proven system like WW. i say go for it, and don’t over analyze it. if it doesn’t work after awhile, just move forward to the something else. great videos!!

  3. dibbled33 writes:

    Oh and lower A1C helps us lose weight also. When you look at the label on the panel you don’t worry about the percentage you look at the total grams of Carbohydrate per serving. She also let me know not to go over my servings. I still can gain off of the calories. lol

  4. dibbled33 writes:

    Hey chica, by me being Diabetic. I have been told not to cut whites out of my diet. I just need to eat it all in moderation. I was asked to cut down to 45g per meal, and 15g per snack of all carbs. This is via my nutritionist. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks now, and I notice on the days I have eaten more my blood sugar level is higher, but when I stick to it. My blood levels are almost below normal. I know if I can keep those numbers low, my A1C will drop over time. Try it for you.

  5. crosspecans writes:

    i just had to stop in and tell ya how beautiful you are!! wonder if i can grow enough aloe and if it will juice in the juicer? ive always heard if you are not poopin’ you should exercise…so i guess the opposite also works. great video.

  6. markoresko writes:

    Cinnamon prevents diabetes.
    Of course if you cut on soft drinks and sweets.

  7. theblue2200 writes:

    it cost more but ceylon cinnamon is what you should use

  8. MrSebastiankiki writes: Earn while playing Fantasy Football…. Fantasy Baseball Games Daily

  9. G Philip C writes:

    I like the chubby Isabel. Just kidding, I knew bananas and OJ were high sugar. 

  10. tbarmada writes:

    i drink cinnamon tea every evening does that count?

  11. Chris Kavanagh writes:

    Well said. . .And in contrast, do you know how many people die every year from Vitamins?? 0, that’s ZERO. Yet the FDA and other parts of our Gov are trying to shut down the natural health industry as they’ve done in Europe.

  12. MrLouiszz1909 writes:

    cinnamon challenge!!!


    Ever wonder why 100’s of thousands die from prescription drugs every year? Do you suppose it is an accident? reg6(dot)com

  14. 52thanks writes:

    It is also good for colds and nerves – grama said…

  15. Avatar2050 writes:

    i know i always think that you and other countries who use spices heavily, must be alot healthier than the western counterparts, bet diabetes is much lower there than Uk, Aus, USA..

  16. IMnotSAS writes:

    Its called cassia and should not be used by type 1 diabetics or diabetics on injections as it can bring sugar levels very low.

  17. decimusful writes:

    hehe yes I am a sri lankan . Cinnemon here is very fine .we have lots of them .Not only for diebetics it loses the fat thats a real thing

  18. TheSoundminister writes:

    yes, so true but only Ceylon Cinnamon should be used by diabetics.

  19. dienaarvanYahuah writes:

    cinnamon is very important!!! if u know someone with diabetes, please tell him/her about cinnamon!!

  20. 247addiction writes:

    Chia seeds are awesome!

  21. Bercola1 writes:

    I’ve heard about cinnimon but the sticks verses powder how would you go about using it

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