Almond Yogurt Raw Food Recipe – Variation on LIFEREGENERATOR Coconut Almond Yogurt.wmv

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A variation on Dan McDonald, the LIFEREGENERATOR, Coconut Almond Yogurt Raw Food Recipe. Visit us at the Weight Health Synergy Blog

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9 Responses to “Almond Yogurt Raw Food Recipe – Variation on LIFEREGENERATOR Coconut Almond Yogurt.wmv”

  1. jtremblay12504 writes:

    if you wanted to add coconut, how much would you add and should you use less of something else?

  2. whataboutredlorry writes:

    If you are vegan you might want to check what he is using as a starter. It seems that it is a regular starter - as in dairy yogurt?

  3. crosspecans writes:

    great idea !! it was a bit pricey to buy dans 53 bucks worth of probiotics. thanks. waves~~~

  4. TeaPips writes:

    This video needs to be edited but great recipe though!

  5. Joni48 writes:

    If the yogurt in the store says live culture you can use it as a starter. Most are dead because they are cooked at to high of a temp. When you make yogurt you heat your milk, (not almond milk) to 185 to kill the bad bacteria. If you don’t you will not be able to store for long and it will spoil. It happened to me. That is the only reason you have to heat the milk. I am going to try a almond yogurt. I made dip from my reg yogurt and have healed my acid reflux.

  6. WeightHealthSynergy writes:

    – I haven’t had the almond yogurt analyzed, so I can’t say for certain, but I believe it does.

  7. bogdaiki writes:

    Hi. Lou Corona’s recipe (Dan McDonald the “Life regenerator” has the recipe from him) uses some proteolytic pro-biotics which he says brake down the proteins into amino acids.
    Does the bacteria in the yogurt or in the yogurt starter do the same trick (Proteolysis)?…
    But thanks a lot for the tip – I soaked the almonds already and I forgot I don’t have those pro-biotics yet but I can get some Astro from the store next door right now:)

  8. WeightHealthSynergy writes:

    – Nope, the brand I use is Astro, and it’s VERY much alive. I use it to make regular yogurt all the time. But you are right… most yogurt you buy in the store won’t work as a starter. My thought is, if it won’t work as a starter, don’t eat it. It’s missing all the good stuff!

  9. LiquidButterflye writes:

    Just thought I would give you some helpful info: Most, if not all yogurts are pasteurized, if it has been pasteurized, then the friendly bacteria that is suppose to be alive in the yogurt to help out the gut, have been deactivated (dead). I hope your brand hasn’t been pasteurized!:) Thanks for the video!;)

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