A 1200-1500 calories diet plan!

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25 Responses to “A 1200-1500 calories diet plan!”

  1. kopi berkrim writes:


  2. Earthling S writes:

    yuck. go vegan

  3. veganath writes:

    It’s sad that people have to struggle with body image, the real trick is to
    dump diets with labels, & adopt eating a mostly raw plant based food(every
    other species of animal on the planet eats their food raw) & it doesn’t
    have to uninteresting. Please watch YouTube clip “The best speech you will
    ever hear” with Gary Yourofsky. You will understand why it is referred to
    as “The best speech you will ever hear” when u start to watch.. All the

  4. belalubunny x writes:

    good video 🙂 only I’m pretty sure you’re over estimating a lot of the
    calories, like the carrots, that portion you showed can’t be 80 calories..
    unless it was like 180 grams (aka more)

  5. talia841951 writes:

    Is this considered a normal amount of calories diet? My question is, I
    guess, is it healthy to eat 1200-1500 calories a day and if it is, how long
    can I keep it going without hurting my body?

  6. aliciaelporve12646 writes:

    I will try that ;)

  7. MegaPickle1991 writes:

    What did she say?

  8. lauraliciousfy writes:

    hey! i lost 20 kg over a year. 🙂 u can check out my other weight loss
    video to find out how. 😉 thanks for watching! 😀

  9. lauraliciousfy writes:

    sry for the late reply, i residencies in Singapore but mixed race
    indonesian. yay, glad that it has been useful 😉

  10. lauraliciousfy writes:

    okiess, i’ll do more such videos in the future 😉 thanks for watching! 😀

  11. Fred Velez writes:

    Hi, good video. Keep it up! I wanted to let you all know that I have a
    great channel with videos that will help you reach your workout goals, get
    you in good shape. Very good, cutting edge content. Come check it out and
    show some love. I liked this video and in addition to this channel mine is
    also helpful. Let me know what you think. Cheers, FCV

  12. angelica6955 writes:

    How long did u do this to loose 20 pounds.. I must try this.. 🙂 thanks for

  13. lauraliciousfy writes:

    u can find it in whole food or most organic groceries store 🙂 or u can
    also substitute it using firm tofu coz it’s the same, it’s still soy. Hope
    this helps 🙂

  14. μάρω μανσον. writes:

    You are soooo cute 😀

  15. Kurt Horton writes:

    Intermittent fasting ftw!!

  16. lauraliciousfy writes:

    @rainbowsplashes yep, but remember to exercise too 🙂

  17. kulinat writes:

    Hi lauraliciousfy do you have any different meal plans for breakfast lunch
    and dinner? It’s nice to have variety for the week.

  18. CALICOTV301 writes:

    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO! Most people here only tell you about what they are
    looking for while forgetting about CHOLESTEROL, SUGAR, SODIUM and things
    like too much IRON causes constipation and so forth

  19. christa sinulingga writes:

    singaporean (*☻-☻*)

  20. FunniestDream writes:

    great video

  21. lauraliciousfy writes:

    heyyy! yup i tried cottage cheese with salad n love it! so i did an entire
    video recipes based on that! 😉 thanks for the idea n check out that video
    when u are free. 😉

  22. FishyFlashy writes:

    have you ever considered other brands of protein powder which is much
    cheaper and have more serving?

  23. Diane Coleman writes:

    You start school at 7.30!! O.M.G. I live in the U.K. and we start school at

  24. Muriel Sobata writes:

    congrats on losing the weight! you are adorable 🙂 I live in S’pore too so
    it’s nice to see some “localized” eating ideas. I miss the hawker center!!

  25. lauraliciousfy writes:

    @angelica6955 it’s 20 kg n i started in late january this yr, so abt 10
    months… u r welcome! 😀

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