88 Second Complete Upper Body Workout by Body By Berle Personal Training, Queens New York

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55 year old Richard Berle, owner of Body By Berle Personal Training Center in Fresh Meadows NY ( www.bodybyberle.com ) demonstrates how only one super-slow chin-up works the entire upper body by eliminating momentum and making every single second count. He started out to do a 60 second chin, but discovered that he had the strength for almost 90 seconds! Perhaps he will do a 2 minute Chin for you next month! How many Baby Boomers do you know who are getting stronger as they age?!

Most overweight and obese individuals are in a hormonal state that signifies starvation to the rest of the body. This functional state of starvation occurs due to leptin resistance, and the result is that the body temperature decreases, energy levels fall, appetite increases – particularly sugar cravings, the body stores fat more readily than it burns fat, blood sugar and triglyceride levels rise, and the telltale symptoms of metabolic syndrome become present.
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25 Responses to “88 Second Complete Upper Body Workout by Body By Berle Personal Training, Queens New York”

  1. VASINGER writes:

    My body temp is pretty low. Its usually around 97.3 on average .

  2. VASINGER writes:

    This is not true.When I eat less, I am able to lose weight. The problem is, its just hard to maintain eating less for a long enough time. I have to get down to 1600 calories to see weight loss. When I eat more, I gain weight again. I dont believe in “starvation mode”. Its a myth. I believe that people get addicted to foods high in sugar. Its hard, but I can cut back sugar and monitor what I eat. I exercise a lot, though.

  3. natnk101 writes:

    great information made me stop crying and really touched me

  4. cutepeachbunny writes:

    i was eating carbs and i was hungry all day even on 3000 or more calories a day. i am over weight and feel like im dieing so i would say i am starving myself. but i am changing.

  5. Samulisami writes:

    Very informative video! subbed =)

  6. FruitTrees4Life writes:

    Worldwide Plant Fruit Trees in 2011, protect futures from starvation and malnutrition.

  7. rast123456789 writes:

    I just subbed this is very good info

  8. TheRosa63 writes:

    dont forget you can be defiencent in calcium (fat cells will proliferate to hoard calcium and vita d when your defiencent) which causes other cells to be depleted in calcium which is required for glucose tolerance. excess glucose also damages cells via oxidation, sugar is rocket fuel.

    your video rocks too. fatigue and obesity is a sign of malnutrition. I am trying a low gi diet with whole milk cal mg supplementation and whole foods diet. too early to tell if working.

  9. 180degreehealth writes:

    @ks10911008 Caloric restriction is well-known to lower metabolism, raise hunger, and raise the weight set point in the obese, which is why a total of ZERO trials have shown it to be an effective approach for weight loss lasting more than a year or two except for the extremely rare individual.

  10. ks10911008 writes:

    you fail to mention that central leptin resistance is a reversible process given that increased leptin sensitivity is associated with caloric restriction….saying ‘obesity is starvation’ is an incredibly misleading statement

  11. 79siggy writes:

    @avittix I did comment that it was nothing to do with calories but deleted it, because I do think it has to do with calories, but not in a direct way. It was a blanket statement and it would have been interpreted wrong, hence the deletion. Leptin resistance is able to increase body weight by increasing desire for food and decreasing the desire for activity – so its indirect, its not quite a conscious decision if this is the case.

  12. 79siggy writes:

    @avittix I get you, but what is the real problem is it actually overeating or just overeating junk? I’ve personally never tried overeating healthy food to lose weight, I’ve always restricted and there comes a point where you can’t restrict anymore else you’ll be eating nothing.

  13. avittix writes:

    Furthermore its been noted that pima indans have had a change in diet and have been exposed to more calorie dense food in recent times. Guess what happens when you eat more than what you need? You gain weight. Until your honest with what your eating you will never lose weight. I was like that for a while thinking that I was eating low enough to lose weight but I was just eating to much garbage that was very calorie dense and not filling. Most people are not honest when they diet

  14. avittix writes:

    Ok buddy whatever helps you sleep at night. It has nothing to do with calories? If you sit on the couch all day and eat 5k cals every single day I dont care if its the most healthy food in the world you will get fat. If you actually learn how to be honest with what your eating and count calories below maintenance guess what? You will lose fat. You have a lot of research left to do. Don’t trust some nonsense that one guy made up to prove a bs theory.

  15. 79siggy writes:

    @avittix There are pima indians according to gary taubes that were starving ie in famine and the women particularly were morbidly obese. Obesity is a disease.

  16. 79siggy writes:

    @avittix There are pima indians according to gary taubes that were starving ie in famine and the women particularly were morbidly obese. Obesity is a disease – its nothing to do with calories.

  17. avittix writes:

    I strongly disagree with the idea that obesity is starvation. If your sitting at and maintaining 300lb or more of fat then your eating to much.. like probably 4-5k+ calories a day. I found that in the past if I was sitting around doing nothing that I would sometimes reach in the fridge to grab something even though I was not hungry at all. I also found that if I was depressed I may have indulged to much. It all comes down to some self discipline and putting the cookie down.

  18. 180degreehealth writes:

    @KillSwitchOnSteriods In general, leptin sensitivity can best be improved by lowering cortisol, lowering inflammation, and increasing the nutrient density of the diet.

  19. KillSwitchOnSteriods writes:

    What is your opinion on improving leptin sensitivity?

  20. FORCEDANARCHY writes:

    People who promote meat based diets are liars and should be charged with murder because of all the people who will die from cancer, heart disease and other lifestyle related diseases that these diets will cause. People act as if being hungry is somehow something we are supposed to turn off! It is not the hunger causing the problem, it is the garbage we are trying to pass off as “food”

  21. FORCEDANARCHY writes:

    I have gone from a very high body fat to very lean, fit and in shape! Simple cut out the processed meat, the hormone / antibiotic injected meat and go for a diet of non processed organic fruits and veggies. Does this mean your diet will be bland? NO!, it means you will have to learn how to cook! Continue…

  22. FORCEDANARCHY writes:

    People who eat all the time often are eating empty junk foods, the problem is an hour later the body is going to once again say “I’m hungry” because the food they consumed had little or no nutritional value.

  23. FORCEDANARCHY writes:

    Obesity is starvation! I figured this out years ago, diets don’t work and the ONLY way to lose weight is eat and when I say eat I mean listen to your body and fill it with real organic fruits and veggies, lots of water and for God sakes stay away from processed food! Most people eat junk food and fast food not because they want to but because MSG in all this crap and High Fructose Corn Syrup create very real addictions.

  24. lovthablackrose writes:

    i have hypothyroidism, and its soo hard to lose weight..so i use diet supplements, which i know is bad using that with my regular pills for thyroid.lol but i dont care anymore.lol : )

  25. klohiq writes:

    i wouldnt doubt its more the omega6 and omega3 balance. the obesity epidemic is indictive of the corn diet we are on and the diet of animals that are fed corn. corn fed animals have higher omega6 levels and nearly all processed food is saturated with corn. the solution is simple, end our monoculture diet and eat like an omnivore.

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