4 minute workout to boost metabolism and loose fat using Tabata, Interval Training

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Here’s a great 4 minute workout from www.cavemanklaus.com. It boosts metabolism for the following 24 hours based on the Tabata protocol or HIIT High Intensity Interval training. It can be used anytime, anywhere. Exercise while on holiday and travelling, workout from hotel, keep fit at conferences or conventions. It can be used tactically before eating to alter your insulin response to food. By peforming 90 seconds of exercise pre eating this promotes your GLUT-4 or glucose transport type 4. The point here is to increase the percentage of food calories ingested that are redirected towards muscle glycogen storage rather than fat storage. This is a great tip I discover from Tim Ferriss’s book – The 4 Hour Body. Video mentions Free Workout music itunes.apple.com iPhone/iPad app WOD Workout of the Day, Crossfit: itunes.apple.com Free Tabata, Interval Timer Android app: market.android.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  15. anon9915 writes:

    Deep breathing promotes fat loss, heavy breathing tells your body that you are most likely running from something to preserve your life. Your body will respond to this hormone by storing all calories into body fat. Only push yourself to about half of your lung capacity for the best workout possible.

  16. anon9915 writes:

    Ok well, with your 4 minute workout.. or any high intensity workout in general you need to stress the importance of breathing. If you push yourself too hard your just going to activate your adrenal hormones and your body is going to go into self preservation mode and take anything you eat and store it as body fat. You need to breath properly and you must know when you are pushing yourself too hard. Your body is complex treat it well and understand it better.

  17. RightWingCon81 writes:

    Before I heard your accent I was sure you were that douchebag from super size me and I was going to call you a fuck head.

  18. flufiboi writes:

    Does this work while im doing insanity ?

  19. CavemanKlaus writes:

    heavybag? tell me more!

  20. SuckMyKintama writes:

    I’m gonna do this on my heavybag before lunch!

  21. CavemanKlaus writes:

    I’m glad you are feeling the difference! it’s amazing how it changes your energy and attitude right?

  22. oaklandAs100pct writes:

    Great video. This definitely works, I started doing this since new years and I can see that it works.

  23. Kelly Chernault writes:

    Just found out about this workout, yours is the second video I found and was very informative. Thanks!

  24. CavemanKlaus writes:

    you are welcome, it’s a great app and free! It’s amazing how just putting it on kicks you into action to start exercising.

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  37. ethorner1 writes:

    it’s hard to do the jumping exercises when you’re on the 3rd floor and it’s 10:30 at night. i’m kinda making my own versions of them though. i.e. not going as high off the ground.

  38. TheVmstyles writes:

    I know this is hard for some but keep it up cause who will be the 1 with the killer abs…. U will be~ Keep it up

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  41. Harmony sunlight writes:

    in this list should i do all in the same times … how can i organize the workout for total body together >>>?

  42. marshallah21 writes:

    HI I have been doing 2 circuit now doing 1-3 then I use the treadmill for about 20 or more depending how I’m feeling. How many times a week should I do this to loss little weight and tone up? Thanks =)

  43. LloydChristmas777 writes:

    I don’t do Jillian’s workouts, but I do similar workouts. Just wanted to say I’m a big fan of her work and attitude.

  44. gracechristinee writes:

    i binged sooo much today so i just did the whole banish fat boost metabolism thing twice to burn off all the calories i binged(: and then i did 30 day shred level one with it.

  45. gracechristinee writes:

    try putting on a sports bra! lol

  46. Vivian Chui writes:

    :O there’s 3 more after this one! 🙁

  47. americarockon writes:

    I really trust Jillian as a trainer, she knows what she is talking Bout

  48. CanklesInKorporated writes:

    Do you wear two of the same type (design)? I find that if I wear two that are different – like a Nike sports bra that gives you the uni-boobs and another sports bra which is shaped more like a regular bra that it works better. Otherwise it seems most bras keep you from bouncing horizontal or vertically but not both.

  49. hitamdarahku writes:

    my pleasure.. 😀

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