?3 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism Fast!’

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?3 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism Fast!’

Many people make the excuse that they are overweight because they have a slow metabolism. However, the fact is that a person’s metabolism has more to do with their lifestyle habits than genetic factors, which means they can choose to have the metabolism they want by simply making the correct lifestyle choices!


Unfortunately, for many people it also means they can’t blame external factors for their overweight condition and their reason for being overweight rests squarely on their shoulders!


The good news is that this also means that your metabolism can be increased quickly and easily by simply making a few lifestyle changes. In this article we will cover some easy ways you can give your metabolism a real boost and help your body burn off body fat faster than you ever thought possible.


1. Increase your meal frequency.

It is amazing how many overweight people only eat once or twice a day. It sounds ironic but if you increase your meal frequency so you are having 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day, i.e. you become more of a ‘grazer’ you will dramatically speed up your metabolism.


This occurs simply because your body is designed to be a self-preserving mechanism. The human physiology is based on millions of years of evolution during which time the main causes of death were infection and starvation. As a result, even today, our body is still designed to stop itself from being starved. The ‘Anti-Starvation Response’ is a powerful mechanism in the human body and it must be overcome if you ever want to boost your metabolism and ultimately lose weight/ fat.



Of course, the easiest way to overcome the ‘Anti-Starvation Response’ is to eat! However, you need to follow some specific principles in order to ensure that the meals you have assist you with the metabolism-boosting/ fat-burning process. These principles will be covered in a future article, however, at this stage simply make an effort to eat more frequently, ideally, every 2-3 hours throughout the day. This means having breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner and perhaps ever supper as well.


2. Increase your muscle mass.

Muscle tissue is one of the most metabolically-active tissues in the human body (the other being nerve tissue). Therefore, if you make an effort to increase your muscle mass through some form of resistance exercise, you can increase your muscle mass and therefore increase your metabolism as well.


Women especially should not be afraid of getting involved in a resistance exercise program. There are so many benefits that can be gained by doing it and resistance exercise will certainly not make women look more masculine. In fact, it will actually enhance a woman’s natural feminine curves as well as boost their metabolism.


3. Have more ‘metabolism-boosting’ foods.

Certain foods can help give your metabolism a real boost. For example, protein, which comes from a variety of sources like, meat, eggs, fish, chicken, nuts seeds, legumes, dairy products, etc. require more energy to be expended by the body through the process of digestion. As a result, your metabolism speeds up.


Plus, by eating small portions of protein throughout the day, i.e. in each of your 5 or 6 meals, you will assist your body in maintaining your muscle mass, which means it can indirectly boost your metabolism as well.


Spices like chili can also have a positive impact on your metabolism so adding them to your meals where appropriate is beneficial from a metabolism-boosting point of view.


Caffeine, whether it comes from beverages or herbal sources, is an easy way to give your metabolism a real boost. Despite the bad press it often receives, caffeine is a well-documented central nervous system stimulant.


If used in a responsible manner, caffeine can give you an energy boost, increase the mobilization of free fatty acids from stored fat (which may then be used as a fuel source by the body) and will also increase your metabolism a substantially.


So there you have it! 3 simple ways to boost your metabolism quickly and easily so you can lose weight faster. Use these principles in combination with the many other strategies you’ll discover on this site and you’ll be well on your way to finally getting the body of your dreams!

Stephen Smith is the part-owner of Body Concepts, an Australian supplement company, and Focus On, a health and lifestyle magazine. Stephen has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years and after completing a science degree from the University of Western Australia, spent many years researching the most effective ways to help people lose weight quickly.


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