3 ways to increase metabolism

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36 Responses to “3 ways to increase metabolism”

  1. fuckuyawanker writes:

    @BodyfitManchester not trying to best you but i lost a stone in 2 weeks with a bad diet….while doing weights this way and running seriously to all the people who are just looking to lose weight on this video all it takes is commitment >.>

  2. BodyfitManchester writes:

    @fuckuyawanker you need to build lean muscle to burn more energy which raises your metabolism to burn fat. reps higher than 20 is just endurance it pretty much is the same as doing cardio. You can do any old training with a good diet and you will get results. Look around online you will see what I mean.

  3. fuckuyawanker writes:

    @BodyfitManchester stfu dude lighter weights with more reps is for toning and shaping your body huge weights with lower reps is for lean muscle lean muscle is just for putting fat on what fat is already there you want tone i lost a 2 stone by toning in 4 and a half weeks alone !

  4. BodyfitManchester writes:

    @Lrdvltr Light weights are no good for increasing metabolism or toning, it needs to be heavy for a maximum 14 reps. If weights are light you only get a cardio effect so you are training your heart and not your muscles.

  5. Lrdvltr writes:

    @deppressed1 Thank you.

  6. deppressed1 writes:

    @Lrdvltr yes

  7. Lrdvltr writes:

    If lighter weights and high reps are good for toning, does that mean heavier weights and less reps is good for mass/bulk?

  8. kashifbilgrami writes:

    what if u wieght lift every day because i do this at school

  9. Lexii4Teen writes:


  10. lordofmidgets writes:

    I have gas and this video is not helping

  11. chewymaster54 writes:

    lol the last 10 sec , but good power point

  12. bitly419 writes:

    that actually assist the fat-burning process in your body

  13. JLMannequinFrightful writes:

    you were featured on Hollywoods toughest workouts! *thigh dancing was what made me go “wait a minute!”

    I love all these exercises. they feel amazing!

  14. LALAlucky27 writes:

    does anyone know an excersis to get rid of love handles?

  15. pederasii writes:

    wow those exercises seem good ;/ can some give me tip i am 16 (male) i wanna get that cut look on my waist legs and butt ;d coz like 2 years ago i ate all those chocolate stuff mcdonalds all the unhealthy and fat stuff u can imagine and i kind of gained weight but now i am i am almost slim but still dont have that cut look are those exercises gonna help?

  16. princesspearlskmk writes:

    why does all the healthy food usually taste bad and bad food like cheese burger turkey sandwich and hamburgers n pizzas n other stuff tastes so good n PEPSI!!!!! yumm

  17. AllTimeAesthetic writes:


  18. KnightsofEmerald writes:

    a little discomfort goes a long way= il faut souffrir pour etre belle!

  19. faro0485 writes:

    It’s called exercise. You add it with a good diet.

  20. ZhuHongForever writes:

    So you think Paris Hilton is wise and hot?

    That’s LOL

    You are just a double standarded lamer and racist

  21. ManoloPrimevera writes:

    I give up lol

  22. foosbeast writes:

    There’s a difference between pain and soreness.

  23. jackrowet1234 writes:

    In the wise words of Paris Hilton; hot.

  24. DrHeathenScum writes:

    Ladies, The Way To Get Your Metabolism Up And Going Is To Suck A Fat Dick 3 Times A Day

  25. dandarya writes:

    well, uhhhh lol

  26. lmk57 writes:

    you wouldn’t??

  27. dandarya writes:

    ur kidding right?

  28. lmk57 writes:

    i’d like to bang the woman on the left.

  29. BinkieMcFartnuggets writes:

    “A little discomfort goes a long way”? Is that the new PC way of saying “No pain no gain”? I’ve got news for you people, if you’re doing something that hurts it probably isn’t helping. But then again it’s not MY uterus you’re stretching out, do whatever you want!

  30. coolxhaha writes:

    Wow,very useful. 🙂

  31. OCASSROCK writes:

    I spy camel toe!

  32. Spectres writes:

    I can’t decide on which of them gets to suck my hog.

  33. BHD writes:

    I have a video response to this. I will be posting on my channel as well.
    I’ll be posting it Saturday in my first episode of “Rants & Raves” because this is a retarded & patronizing piece of advice.
    More to follow.

  34. callmesu writes:

    really? how? perhaps you could demonstrate to us in a video =)

  35. TwistedBarney writes:

    Yes, they are

  36. myhike writes:

    Both legs up is More fun

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