20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout!

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Sadie created a fresh, new, super-effective 20-minute sequence to torch calories, and help you lose weight! Learn it, and a Core Breath Technique that amps up your weight loss benefits in much less time than with many other yoga and exercise forms. If you want to tone up, raise your metabolism, sculpt your muscles and lose weight…this is for you! See more at www.SadieNardini.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn a few weight loss and calorie-burning power poses to help you raise your metabolism all day (and night!) long. With Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and bestselling DVDs. To get Sadie’s free Core Strength Newsletter and more free yoga tips, go to www.SadieNardini.com and sign up now!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 Responses to “20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout!”

  1. moontidesealily writes:


  2. tanktop25 writes:

    Not hanging on to other ppl, not hanging on to negative emotions, staying clear. Luv it!

  3. nuggetOflug writes:

    That was amazing! Thanks! I hope to take a class with you in NYC soon 🙂

  4. silsarared writes:

    whoa. golden flame breath rocked my world! thank you!!!

  5. drunkgoth13 writes:

    @LakshmiTHEINDIAN Yeah, I do yoga; something seems off/missing. I don’t feel like this is much of an intro for beginners.

  6. dl1459 writes:

    oh im sweating lolz fo realz i felt my muscle burning XDD

  7. LakshmiTHEINDIAN writes:

    Copied from Indian Yoga asanas but missed the procedure, missed the exact way to do. Surya Namaskara asan teaches everything in this with the exact prodcedure. We donno wat are disadvantages wIth this procedure. But If we could follow Yoga asanas with procedure, result and disadvantages can be expected. N Yoga asanas are depends on the person health condition as well. So, should do with the help of Yoga trainer personally. So, I don’t suggest this.

  8. maquis69 writes:

    wow 😀

  9. naina1939 writes:

    how often?!

  10. MissMuffin1971 writes:

    Thanks for the great yoga routine.

  11. Neequu78 writes:


  12. digitalversicolor writes:

    really enjoyed this. Thank you!!

  13. KandJforever1 writes:

    how often should you do this workout to see results?

  14. hedmaime writes:


  15. sadienardini writes:

    You’re all so welcome. I’m glad these are working for you.
    YES! I will work on more vids, and longer ones for you soon.
    so! Sadie

  16. evilthekoala writes:

    thanks alot for the great videos just starting out, was kind of unsure about yoga but this is definately a great workout ty

  17. nicksgurl093 writes:

    hi sadie… im 16 years old living in brooklyn xD… i started doing yoga freshmen year of high school and drifted off… when i recieved the results of a blood test showing high cholesterol i started looking into yoga again..and i found YOU! you make it so easy.. not calling it loosing weight.. but stregthening your bod and toning instead of words that stress us out… thanks!!! =]

  18. mydenmel writes:

    thanks a lot for this^_^
    can u make vid for lifting butt area and for how to flatten the belly part???sorry for my bad english=)thanks

  19. famee02 writes:

    sadie, what do you suggest about diets when trying to losing weight?

  20. SuGaRyBLoSsOm writes:

    you r sooo good ……nice body

  21. rockedlikeme writes:

    hey sadie this is greatttt
    can you do a full 30 minute or longer weight tloss yoga like this? ive seen the old er one but can/ you do something like this, more recent ?

    thank you.

  22. rockedlikeme writes:

    hey saide
    could you do a 30 or more minute seesion of just weight loss yoga, not like the older ones you have but like this?


  23. sadienardini writes:

    Yep, it’s tough–that’s why it transforms people from what they are now into lean, fit yogis! Glad you like it. xo!! Sadie

  24. sadienardini writes:


    ALSO, TO THE PERSON WHO WANTED TO LOSE WEIGHT FROM THE LEGS: I deleted your comment by mistake. Losing weight happens all over your body at once, so if you have more weight in your legs, it will seem to be longer before you lose it there. Keep working out and eating well, and you’ll see a difference soon. More importantly, you’ll be healthy and fit and balancing your anti-aging hormones, etc. xo! Sadie

  25. saso1331993 writes:

    thanks so much sadie… you are awesome. i thought there noway of losin that weight.

  26. sadienardini writes:

    Thanks! That’s me…always thinking;)


  27. sadienardini writes:

    Sure–you might find it hard at first, but stick with it, and your body will change. Do 30-45 minutes of this, and others of my videos that you like, that make you sweat, eat more healthfully, and you’ll really transform. Dedicate to this now, and you’ll have your whole healthy, fit life ahead of you. xoSadie

  28. sadienardini writes:

    You’re so welcome!

  29. sadienardini writes:

    How do I keep myself motivated NOW is the real question;) You have to make yourself go, non-negotiable, because your mind knows that your body looks and feels better after yoga. It’s simply not worth it to live unhealthfully and feel lazy and overweight. So, just schedule times, and don’t let yourself down. xo!!

  30. sadienardini writes:

    15 nw…I didn’t look anything like this when I started. You refine in time…

  31. sadienardini writes:

    Because it’s freaking AWESOME! xoxoSadie

  32. mimzyps29 writes:

    For some reason, I like doing yoga as a workout a lot better than crunches and what not. 😀 Thanks!

  33. ITANAGAR12345 writes:

    U r flexible and have very good balance…u may be doing yoga for many years…

  34. pervertedpractices17 writes:

    Sadie how do you did you keep yourself motivated when you first started doing yoga?

  35. Wheelsgr writes:

    Thanks so much for these videos!

  36. saso1331993 writes:

    is this for beginners 2 cause i am over weight and i am 16 years old.

  37. armoftheland writes:

    what a great idea to lift the hands up on the twist!!! you are so amazingly innovative, sadie, love your sequences! make more dvds for us!

  38. sadienardini writes:

    Thanks again! You rock;)

  39. sadienardini writes:

    You’re so welcome! Froehliche Weihnachten from NYC!


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