2. Eat Healthy

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A few nice diet eating plan images I found:

2. Eat Healthy
diet eating plan
Image by fairfaxcounty
Eat healthy. More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Learn how to develop a healthy eating plan: www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/healthy_eating/index.html

Paleo Bodybuilder – Paleolithic Diet Crossfit Fitness Caveman Primal Inuit Masai Mark Sisson Robb Wolf Freetheanimal Movnat Muscle Protein Info
diet eating plan
Image by Paleo-Caveman-Omnivore-LowCarb-Meat-Diet-Info
Paleo Bodybuilder! – See Photo – Effects of the Paleo Diet on muscle mass.

The Paleo Diet is based upon what grok the Caveman did, and ate. Cross Fit applauds the Paleo Diet, which was ranked last by medical experts in USNEWS & WORLD REPORTS. If it wasn’t done by cavemen, then it shouldn’t be done by you.

This is why if you join crossfit, you don’t shower after working out and getting sweaty. Afterall, Cavemen didn’t have showers. Or soap. So in order to preserve the bacteria, you should wear it. Don’t worry, crossfit gyms have something called a "crossfit puke bucket" if either the smell of paleo B.O. or the horrible taste of raw organ meats makes you have to throw up.

Crossfit Fitness palaces have pukebuckets because the paleo diet is hard on the human body, and wrecks cardio and endurance, so even a light-weight workout of burpees often makes crossfitters throw up. Then lie on the floor full of sweat because they are mentally and athletically exhausted. Paleo and Crossfit make your muscle dwindle, because the paleo diet is catabolic. Without enough carbs, your body needs to cannibalize something else. First it’s fat. This is why those on lowcarb atkins paleo ketogenic diets often report losing weight, at first, but then these diets exhaust the fat and begin using protein as fuel. Yes, that means if you go on a Paleo diet, or lowcarb, or atkins, you’re essentially "teaching your body to eat away at your own muscle". By eating high protein, your body now thinks protein is fuel. What else is made of protein? Muscles. So you’ve taught your body to eat it’s own muscles, decreasing their mass. Paleo and lowcarb, deprivation of grains and carbs, is the opposite of what you want for bodybuilding. Picture african tribes, they’re all skinny and sinewy. Like the physique of a marathon runner, not a bodybuilder.

Thus the Paleo Diet and Crossfit have become the laughing-stock of the fitness world, akin to things like "The Shake Weight!" with so many testimonials of people saying how "it works!" and "It worked for me! I lost weight!". Of course if you believe anecdotes and before and afters and chat board commenters, then every infomercial and fitness contraption and diet plan are the "best" right? Because they ALL have pictures of before and after, and people absolutely VOWING up and down that it worked for them. Watch for people touting crossfit and paleo like this. You’ll see it. Meanwhile they’re teaching their bodies to deplete their muscle. It’s catabolic.

And with the estrogenic effects of the compounds now found in steak, including grassfed beef, and even organic meat, men who eat grassfed beef, especially barbequed, begin to grow more effeminate due to the effects of heterocyclic amines only found in meat, such as "PhIP". PhIP which is in grassfed meat and steak has effects like feminine estrogen on males. This is why Crossfit Paleo Diets lack the proper nutrients and come up deficient for bodybuilding and ranked last among diets in terms of human health.

Plan Ahead & Prepare: Day 1 – The Seven Days of Leave No Trace
diet eating plan
Image by Grand Canyon NPS
Day One: Plan Ahead and Prepare

Without the principles of Leave No Trace,
How on earth can I hike this place?
North Kaibab, South Kaibab, Bright Angel Trail
How do I hike it without injuring my tail?

“Plan ahead and prepare” say the rangers
But how am I to know, what are those dangers?
Know your limits and do not overestimate
The canyon’s difficulty is extensive and great

Drink lots of water, it is far too easy
To become dehydrated, feel nauseous, get queasy
Balance your water with calories and salt
We give you license to eat; lock that diet away in a vault!
Know that summer makes the canyon extremely hot
Sometimes it feels like a boiling pot
Stay cool, rest often, and never forget
It doesn’t take much to become tired and sweat
Hike only during the coolest of hours
Take cover from lightning during monsoon showers

Winters can be harsh and snowy at the rim
Wear traction devices, or the result could be grim
Stay warm, dress in layers, and eat food often
Always be sure to proceed with caution

Day hikes are encouraged any time of year
But please take heed of the advice of your peers
Do not in one day go to the river and back
Or your health and wellness will surely lose track
You risk cramps, illness, injury, and death
You’ll grow tired, lose interest, run out of breath
Make it a short, tolerable, enjoyable hike
Don’t let exhaustion and fatigue strike

The National Park Service wants you to enjoy your vacation
We want you to tour, explore, and discover your nation!
So while at Grand Canyon plan ahead and prepare
But be sure you do it with Leave No Trace flair!

– Andrea Tavegia, Grand Canyon National Park Backcountry Information Center

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